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Friday, February 26, 2016

Why Albania is becoming a popular place to travel

Albania is a country surrounded with tourist destinations – Macedonia to its east, Montenegro to the northwest and Greece further south. Despite its prime location, Albania remains a place almost untouched from the hands of tourism. A large percentage of Albania’s national income is sourced from tourism, Albania only welcomes roughly 4 million visitors per year. Still, it’s easy to understand why Albania is becoming a popular place to travel to.

Why Albania is becoming a popular place to travel to: It’s loaded with history

The Gjirokaster Castle is now home to artillery artefacts. This is a plane captured by the US. Photo by Elena Miari, flikr
The Gjirokaster Castle is now home to artillery artefacts. This is a plane captured by the US. Photo by Elena Miari, flikr
Albania is not a country short of stunning sights and landmarks – the most notable being the Blue Eye Spring, a stunning natural waterhole with crystal blue water, surrounded by thick forest. It’s a place of untouched and tranquil beauty. Just be warned the road and public transport systems aren’t great, so plan your adventures ahead with hotel or hostel concierge.
The National Historical Museum in Tirana is the country’s largest museum. Inside you can find exhibitions on antiquity, medieval times, iconography, communist genocide and the culture and history of Albania and its people. The museum was built in 1981, and has since held a number of valuable archaeological treasures. The most important and must-see display is the gallery devoted to those who suffered persecution under the former communist regime – a sad and twisted part of Albania’s history.


The Blue Eye Spring is a natural swimming hole with beautiful clear water. Photo by Carpe Feline, flickr
The Blue Eye Spring is a natural swimming hole with beautiful clear water. Photo by Carpe Feline, flickr
Kalasa is a place of ruin. Beyond the once-majestic castle walls lay an ancient neighbourhood, a busy and tired little town of ruins and labyrinth streets. Whilst taking in the sights, you’ll roam through courtyards, churches and the ruins of where the castle walls once stood. After Kalasa, move on to the Gjirokaster Castle, in the city of Gjirokaster (formerly known as Argyrokastro). The castle is bulky and eerie, overlooking the river valley below. It now contains a military museum featuring the captured artillery from the Communist regime and resistance. There is also a captured US air force plane on site – a sign of the struggle Albania once had against Western Powers.
Roam the streets of the cities to find stunning churches and chapels, many of which still operate today. There are a number of chapels in Kala, including St Theodore, the Church of the Holy Trinity and the chapels of St Mary Blachernae and St Nicholas. Visit the ancient ruins of Butrint, with remains spanning over a range of periods and often dating back to 2500 years old.

It’s a cheap place to travel

Visit the ruins village of Butrint to get a glimpse of past life in Albania. Photo by valplumlee, flickr
Visit the ruins village of Butrint to get a glimpse of past life in Albania. Photo by valplumlee, flickr
Albania is a cheap country to travel around. You can travel around in private or public transport, eat out and stay in hostels and hotels all for reasonable prices. Because of its location, Albania has coastline to offer very similar to that of Greece, just cheaper and less tourist-based. To put it simply, Albania is a back packer’s heaven.
Budget around $15 a night for a really good hostel – you can find ones with reviews online and most of which have positive ratings and are super cheap. Hotels that are given the rating between three and four stars range in price, starting at roughly $25 and costing anywhere up to $50 per night. This often depends on the location and type of room booked. Try the Baron Hotel or Milingona Hostel in Tirana for great, affordable accommodation.
Cuisine in Albania is a mixture of many cultures, the biggest influence  being Greek, Italian and German – so you’re sure to find a restaurant that you like. Eating out in Tirana is fairly cheap, especially on the outskirts of the main square where you can get meals ranging from $10 up to $35.

The beaches there are incredible

Cows roam the beaches of Dhermi, a quiet and more isolated coastal area. Photo by savagecat, flickr
Cows roam the beaches of Dhermi, a quiet and more isolated coastal area. Photo by savagecat, flickr
The coast line of Albania is as beautiful and as untouched as the rest. There are tourist beaches, like Vlore, where passengers from Italy dock and board ferries, and where beach clubs, cafes and restaurants come by the dozen. Most of the nicer beaches are located in the southern part of Albania, and all lie within close proximity of the Albania Riviera.
Dhermi Beach is located 42km south of Vlore, and is a great beach for those who enjoy the perks of eating alfresco, drinks at beach clubs but beaches that are near empty. You can get buses from Tirana to Dhermi  daily at midday, and buses run between Vlore, Dhermi and Sarande. Dhermi beach boasts white sands and rentable umbrellas and sunbeds, great for the family. However if you’re into something a little more secluded, walk down the beach to Perivoli Beach and you’ll have the whole thing to yourself!
Swim around the beaches of Ksamili and reach rock and island vantage points, great for diving. Photo by Julian Dragoi Photography, flickr
Swim around the beaches of Ksamili and reach rock and island vantage points, great for diving. Photo by Julian Dragoi Photography, flickr
Further south of Dhermi is Sarande, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Albanian Rivera. Sarande is known for beaches with white pebbly sand and deep blue water. Nearby is the ancient city of Butrint, and due to its location, Sarande is home to a large Greek ethnic minority.
Make sure to see the stunning horseshoe bay that makes up Sarande, giving a spectacular view between the mountains and the Ionian Sea. Nearby to Sarande is the village of Ksamili, which houses a beautiful beach with several small islands that can be swum to. Ksamili is a quirky village, notorious for its toppling buildings – the effects of buildings being put up illegally and being sabotaged by the police.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Que faire en Albanie : la sélection

jeudi 11 février 2016
Située le long du littoral de la mer Adriatique, l’Albanie est un pays doté d’une riche histoire et de somptueux paysages. Vous pourrez vous prélasser le long d’une des nombreuses plages du pays, faire un tour en bateau dans un canyon ou encore admirer de vieux monastères qui ont miraculeusement été préservés des affres du temps. Skyscanner vous fait découvrir le top 12 des meilleures choses à faire en Albanie.

Que faire en Albanie ?

Vous prélasser sur l’une des plages d’Himara Située dans le sud du pays, Himara est située au coeur de la « riviera Albanaise ». À proximité de la ville se trouvent de nombreuses plages paradisiaques telles que les plages de Borsch, de Bunec, de Gjipe ou encore la plage Livadi.
Plage Gjipe

Faire du rafting dans le canyon de l’Osum

Le canyon de l’Osum est situé dans le centre du pays non loin de la ville de Çorovodë. Mesurant 26 km de long, c’est le paradis des amateurs de grands espaces. Si le temps le permet, vous pourrez descendre la rivière en rafting.

Randonner au mont Dajt

Le mont Dajt est une montagne verdoyante qui culmine à 1613 mètres de haut. De son sommet, vous pourrez admirer un formidable panorama sur Tirana, située au pied de la montagne. Il existe deux moyens de rejoindre le sommet :
• Vous pouvez emprunter le téléphérique (Dajti Ekspres Cable Car).
• Vous pouvez randonner. En chemin, vous traverserez des forêts verdoyantes et verrez l’entrée de nombreuses grottes.

Vous détendre le long du lac de Shkodra

Situé à cheval entre l’Albanie et le Monténégro, le lac de Shkodra est l’un des plus beaux lacs d’Albanie. Vous pourrez vous promener en bateau sur le lac, vous promener en VTT le long du rivage et découvrir de jolis monastères en chemin.
Lac de Shkodra

Que voir en Albanie?


Berat est l’une des villes les plus anciennes d’Albanie. Surnommée la ville aux 1000 fenêtres en raison de son architecture particulière (voir illustration suivante), Berat est inscrite au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité par l’UNESCO.
Berat, Albanie


Située dans le sud du pays, Gjirokastër est une magnifique ville elle aussi classée au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. Vous pourrez visiter un impressionnant château (qui servait jadis de prison), la maison natale de Enver Hoxha (un Premier ministre albanais des années 1940) ainsi que l’impressionnante maison zekate, un édifice possédé autrefois par de riches négociants.
Citadelle de Gjirokaster


Durrës est une station balnéaire comme on les aime. Située à 33 km de l’aéroport international de Tirana (la principale porte d’entrée du pays), la station abrite de nombreuses plages où dorer au soleil, ainsi qu’un amphithéâtre romain datant du IIe siècle qui pouvait accueillir jusque 20 000 spectateurs.
Amphithéâtre, Durres


Theth est un pittoresque village situé au cœur du parc national de Theth. C’est le paradis des amateurs de sports en plein air. Vous pourrez faire du trekking ou du VTT au milieu de majestueuses montagnes. Theth abrite également une petite chute d’eau ainsi qu’une pittoresque église.
Maison en pierre, Theth

Visiter l’Albanie

Vous êtes plutôt du genre « bronzer à la plage », « rando à la montagne » ou « fêtes jusqu’au bout de la nuit » ? Skyscanner vous dévoile quatre endroits à ne pas manquer en fonction de vos envies :
Vous aimez les vieilles pierres ? Rendez-vous à Butrint. Située non loin de la frontière grecque, cette ville, classée au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO, regorge de ruines. Vous pourrez notamment admirer un théâtre, des bains romains ainsi qu’une forteresse médiévale.
Vous aimez faire la fête ? Rendez-vous àSaranda, une station balnéaire située dans le sud du pays non loin de Corfou. Cette ville est réputée pour sa vie nocturne animée et ses bars « bon marché » (une pinte de bière coûte en moyenne 1€ dans le pays...). Si vous êtes fatigué le lendemain, vous pourrez vous reposer au soleil sur l’une des nombreuses plages de la ville.
Vous aimez l’ambiance des grandes villes ?Rendez-vous à Tirana. Peuplée de 800 000 âmes, la capitale albanaise regorge d’endroits à visiter tels que la place Skanderbeg (et sa statue), le musée d’histoire naturelle, ou encore la mosquée Et`hem Bey.
Vous aimez la nature ? Rendez-vous au parc national de Llogara. Situé à mi-chemin entre Vlora et Saranda, ce parc naturel abrite de vastes forêts de pins où vivent des chamois, des vautours, des chats sauvages et même des loups ! Depuis les hauteurs des montagnes, vous pourrez admirer de très beaux panoramas sur les vallées et sur la mer en contrebas.
Déardaoin, 11 Feabhra, 2016
Lonnaithe ar feadh an chósta an Mhuir Aidriad, tá an Albáin tír le stair shaibhir agus radharcra álainn. Is féidir leat a bask in éineacht le ceann de na tránna go leor de na tíre, a dhéanamh turas báid trí canyon nó admire mainistreacha aois a chaomhnú miraculously an ravages ama.Skyscanner is féidir leat a fháil amach ar an 12 barr rudaí is fearr a dhéanamh i Albáin.

Cad atá le déanamh i Albáin?

Scíth a ligean ar cheann de na tránna na Himara Lonnaithe i ndeisceart na tíre, tá Himara suite i gcroílár an "Riviera Albáinis". In aice leis an chathair Tá tránna álainn go leor, mar shampla na tránna Borsch, de Bunec a Gjipe nó an trá Livadi.
trá Gjipe

Rafting i canyon an Osum

Tá canyon an Osum suite i lár na tíre aice leis an gcathair Corovode. Tomhas 26 km ar fad, tá Paradise do lovers de na mór lasmuigh. Má ceadanna am, is féidir leat dul síos an abhainn rafting.

Hiking Mount Dajt

Tá Sliabh Dajt sliabh verdant, rud a ardaíonn go 1613 méadar ar airde. As a bhuaic, is féidir leat admire Lánléargas iontach de Tirana, ag bun an sliabh. Tá dhá bhealach ann chun teacht ar an barr:
• Is féidir leat a chur ar an carr cábla (Dajti EKSPRES Carr Cábla).
• Is féidir leat hike. Maith leis an mbealach a théann tú trí foraoisí glas agus féach an mbealach isteach phluais éagsúla.

Tóg go bog é ar feadh Loch Shkodra

leathbhealach Suite idir an Albáin agus an Montainéagró, tá Loch Shkodra ar cheann de na lochanna is áille i Albáin. Spaisteoireacht ar bhád ar an loch, spaisteoireacht rothar ar feadh an chladaigh agus a fháil amach mainistreacha álainn ar an mbealach.
loch Skadar

Cad é a fheiceáil i Albáin?


Is Berat ar cheann de na cathracha is sine i Albáin. Leasainm an chathair de 1000 fuinneoga mar gheall ar a ailtireacht ar leith (féach figiúr thíos), is Berat Suíomh Oidhreachta Domhanda ag UNESCO.
Berat, Albáin


Lonnaithe i ndeisceart na tíre, tá Gjirokastra cathair álainn freisin Oidhreachta Domhanda de chuid UNESCO. Is féidir leat cuairt a thabhairt caisleán mórthaibhseach (a sheirbheáil uair amháin mar phríosún), an áit bhreithe Enver Hoxha (an Albáinis-Phríomh-Aire 1940) agus an teach zekate hiontach, foirgneamh a bhí faoi úinéireacht ceannaithe saibhir.
Citadel Gjirokastër


Is Durres rogha mar is maith linn. Suite 33 km ó Tirana Aerfort Idirnáisiúnta (na tíre is mó geata), is é an rogha baile chun go leor tránna ina grianghortha agus ag dul amphitheatre Rómhánach ón dara haois a d'fhéadfadh freastal ar suas le 20,000 lucht féachana .
Amphitheatre, Durres


Is Thethi sráidbhaile pictiúrtha suite i gcroílár na Thethi Pháirc Náisiúnta. Is Paradise do díograiseoirí spóirt faoin aer. Is féidir leat dul trekking nó rothaíocht sléibhe amidst sléibhte maorga. Is Thethi freisin eas beag agus séipéal pictiúrtha.
Cloch Teach, Thethi

Tabhair cuairt ar an Albáin

Tá tú níos mó de "grianghortha ar an trá", "fánaíocht sna sléibhte" nó "laethanta saoire go dtí deireadh na hoíche"? Skyscanner Nochtann ceithre áiteanna nach bhfuil a chailleann ag brath ar do chuid riachtanas:
Cosúil leis na clocha aois? Téigh go dtí Butrint. Suite in aice leis an teorainn na Gréige, is é an chathair, ina Shuíomh Oidhreachta Domhanda ag UNESCO, atá lán de fothracha. Is féidir leat admire amharclann ar leith, folcadáin Rómhánacha agus fortress meánaoiseach.
Cosúil a pháirtí? Come to Saranda , baile cois farraige i ndeisceart na tíre in aice Corfú. Tá an chathair eol do chuid nightlife bríomhar agus beáir "saor" (pionta chostais beorach ar an meán € 1 sa tír ...). Má tá tú tuirseach an lá dár gcionn, is féidir leat a scíth a ligean ar an ghrian ar cheann de na tránna go leor sa chathair.
Cosúil leis an t-atmaisféar na cathracha móra? Téigh go dtí Tirana . Daonra ag 800,000 anamacha, is é an chaipitil Albáinis lán na n-áiteanna chun cuairt a thabhairt ar nós Skanderbeg Cearnóg (agus a dealbh), Músaem Stair an Dúlra, nó an mosque Et`hem Bey.
dá shamhail? Come chun an Pháirc Náisiúnta Llogara . leathbhealach Suite idir Vlora agus Saranda, tá an pháirc baile chun foraoisí péine ollmhór inhabited ag chamois, vultures, cat fiáin agus fiú mic tíre! Ón an airde na sléibhte, is féidir leat admire tuairimí álainn ar an gleannta agus faoi bhun na farraige.http://www.skyscanner.fr/actualites/que-faire-en-albanie-la-selectionAimsigh eitiltí go Albáin