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Monday, December 31, 2012

Albanien 2013 - Shkoder + Theth erlebnis & offroad-touren ist Veranstalter für aussergewöhnliche Abenteuer - und Offroadreisen in Albanien - adventure & off-road touring is organizer for extraordinary adventure - and off-road travel in Albania.

www.hobo-team.de - adventure & off-road touring is organizer for extraordinary adventure - and off-road travel in Albania.

Our goal is to inspire you for this rural atmosphere.

ATTENTION: NEW IN 2013 - You can book our tours as a complete package with a Jeep Wrangler.

Individual tour planning for cars, RVs, off-roader is our strength!
We plan your trip Albania usefully like before your departure from Germany.

Our 4x4 SUV - brings you to the most beautiful and impressive places that are not to travel with "normal" cars or campers.
Landesunkundige off-road drivers can connect to all our tours you.
The tours are - as far as possible in Albania - organized the best way. You just have to follow behind with, or.
We carry out one-to sixteen-day trips where we offer several variants:

- You have a "normal" car or an RV with whom the locations are not reachable, then you simply drive with our 4x4.
Or you will lend you one of our off-road Jeep Wrangler if you want to drive yourself.

- You have your own 4x4 and want to experience the thrill of driving skills themselves, we go in with you either in your car and guide you.

- Or, if additional "non-drivers" mitwollen, then we go ahead.

- Our tours (16-day) we go ahead in principle, but can accommodate up to 4 people the chance to ride in the car.

We will gladly make you an offer for a very personalized tour to the selected targets of you, or for a specified budget.

For questions we are happy to help you.

We wish you exciting trips full of adventure and a good ride!

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www.hobo-team.de - erlebnis & offroad-touren ist Veranstalter für aussergewöhnliche Abenteuer - und Offroadreisen in Albanien.

Unser Ziel ist es, Euch für dieses traumhaft schöne Land zu begeistern.

ACHTUNG: NEU IN 2013 - Ihr könnt unsere Touren als Komplettpaket mit einem Jeep Wrangler buchen.

Individuelle Tourenplanung für PKW, Wohnmobile oder Offroader ist unsere Stärke!
Wir planen Eure Albanienreise sinnvollerweise gerne schon vor Eurer Abreise aus Deutschland.

Unser 4x4 Allrad - Geländewagen bringt Euch zu den schönsten und beeindruckendsten Plätzen, die mit "normalen" PKW's oder Wohnmobilen nicht zu bereisen sind.
Landesunkundige Offroad-Fahrer können sich allen unseren Touren gerne anschliessen.
Die Touren sind - soweit in Albanien möglich - bestmöglichst organisiert. Ihr müsst nur noch mit-, oder hinterherfahren.
Wir führen ein- bis sechzehntägige Touren durch, bei denen wir mehrere Varianten anbieten:

- Ihr habt einen "normalen" PKW oder ein Wohnmobil, mit denen die Örtlichkeiten nicht zu erreichen sind, dann fahrt Ihr einfach in unserem 4x4 Geländewagen mit.
Oder Ihr leiht Euch einen unserer geländegängigen Jeep Wrangler wenn Ihr selber fahren wollt.

- Ihr habt einen eigenen 4x4 Geländewagen und wollt den fahrerischen Nervenkitzel selbst erleben, dann fahren wir entweder bei Euch im Auto mit und führen Euch.

- Oder wenn zusätzliche "Nichtfahrer" mitwollen, dann fahren wir voraus.

- Unsere Rundreisen (16-tägig) fahren wir grundsätzlich voraus, bieten aber bis zu 4 Personen die Möglichkeit, in unserem Auto mitzufahren.

Gerne unterbreiten wir Euch auch ein Angebot über eine ganz individuelle Tour, zu den von Euch ausgesuchten Zielen, oder nach einem vorgegebenen Budget.

Für Fragen stehen wir Euch gerne zur Verfügung.

Wir wünschen Euch spannende Touren voller Erlebnisse und eine gute Fahrt!

Albanien, Albania, Shqiperia, Berat, Gjirokaster, Tirana, Vermosh, Theth, Teth, Shkoder, Shkodra, Elbasan, Kukes, Peshkopi, Valbona, Korca, Erseke, Serande, Ohrid, Ohrid See, Prespa See, Kruja, , Barbulusch, Camping Albania, Camping Livadh, Camping Kranea, Mesi Brücke, Lura Seen, albanische Alpen, Alpen, Alpentäler, Koman, Koman Stausee, Mesopotam, Apolonia, Appolonia, Appollonia, Butrint, Butrinti, Byllis, Osum, Osum Canyon, UNESCO, Skutari See, Lake Shkodra, Kap Rodon, Kepi i Rodonit, Rundreise, Wohnmobil, Wohnmobiltour, Wohnmobilreise, geführte Wohnmobiltour, erlebnistouren, offroad, offroadtour, Urlaub, 4x4, albanische Adria, Adria, Riviera, albanische Riviera, hobo-team, hoboteam, hobo, Hoboteam, Jeep Wrangler

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visit Dardh, Korce- Albania winter 2013 low-cost holidays........

Dardha remains one of the best destinations for the holiday makers, regardless the season of the year. Summer and winter are the two seasons with most visitors, and their presence creates a real celebration. The Dardhe tourist village has attracted foreign and Albanian visitors through sportive tourism, and this weekend it was full of people. The wonderful nature and everything else of this village has created a relaxing and entertaining environment. Besides Summer, Winter remains much preferred for the holiday makers who frequent the Dardhe tourist village. People from every corner of Albania visit Dardha where an agenda is not needed for having a good time. The ski track is on one of the best attractions in winter, while the traditional dishes of the area have become famous. Besides the restaurants and hotels, the residents of this village have been applying family tourism for years.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tirana Police has announced action plan on the eve of Christmas and New Year 2012. Policia e Tiranës ka bërë të ditur planin e masave në pragun e festave të fundvitit 2012.

According to police number two of the capital, was planned everything to stop the criminal events or those that affect public tranquility.

While the police has already passed in the service of strengthening, taking into custody all important facilities, including electrical substations or pools of water.

Deputy Director of Police of Tirana, Erzen Breçani requires care by people in the use of fireworks and driving.

"Tirana police planned measures and carry out thorough checks on all drivers who do not follow traffic rules, speed walk further norms or driving the vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages. These checks will be carried out mainly in late at night and during the nights that accompany the holidays, setting up control groups organized in different countries, both in town and in the lines. Police Directorate of Tirana, starting from the experience and analysis of the past year, requires understanding of citizens to be careful when using fireworks ", said vice Breçani.

As was announced the creation of elite autopatrullës service Eagle, which has a mission in addition to maintaining the security of the citizens, the agent konstatues verification in the field of road and for some minor offenses the role of the agent and judicial police officer.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter holiday Low-cost offers Dardh and Voskopoje 24-25-26 Dicember "Discovery Albania"

Dt 24-25-26 December - drive for Christmas Dardhe and Voskopoja

Your dilemma is just to choose between Dardhe and Voskopoja, for others thinking :-)

Starting at 17:00 hours from Tirana (After the National Museum). The group is usually from 17-25 Persona. En route stops will be made to be cplodhur (A Librazhd and one in Korce). At around 21:00 we Countryside. After accommodation in Hotel, made ​​ready supper, Bio food and kartakteristik area. No doubt feature dardhare kitchen is Lakrori two noodles. Also, you should definitely try the other dishes housewives without neglecting other dishes Korca area as oshmaret, kërnackat, roasted meat etc area. But also products zgarës, should be tried, they especially take another taste, if you eat at a picnic in nature.

To next after finish breakfast at about 9:30 am depart for a guide a bit long to go down up down at the end of the village, stopping occasionally to places that are really manihtese for the beauty that they have. Will visit all the village, focusing mostly in countries that carry the story and exceptional value. At 14:30 we would be in the village. From 14:30 to get ready for lunch. After lunch free time for group activities. Evening, gather around oxhakur and roll up our sleeves to enjoy the traditional food of the area. III after day to eat breakfast, it's time for Ski, will kalojke about 3-4 hour pisten of CIS-tion

At around 18:30 We are in Tirana * tired but happy;-) * Payment for this event is 9,900 leks per person which includes: transport, accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Guide, etc.
For bookings and further info Contact No. 0696583870.

Thank you be part of our guides,

Klub - Valbona con Jani, Zana Tako, Marin Zadeja, Danja JATA, Bleron Arber, Rovena Cobo, Petrit Gjeçaj Genc Muhammad

Albania 2 day low-cost in Voskopoj-Dardh Albania with Klub Kampista 22-23 december 2012

Miremengjes!!! Edhe 2 vende te LIRA per udhetimin e kesaj fundjave ne DARDHE. Nxitoni :-)

Kete FUNDJAVE Vetem 7400 Leke All Included 22-23 Dhjetor. Voskopoje Ose Dardhe, Zgjedhja eshte juaja. Transport, Fjetja ne Hotel, Mengjesi, Dreka, Darka, Guida, Skite... Nxitoni te REZERVONI ne nr 0696583870 se vertete dhe pak vende kane ngelur :-)

Good morning!!! 2 seats available for this weekend voyage Dardh-Albania. Hurry :-)

This weekend only 7400 Leke All Included 22-23 December. Voskopoja or Dardh - Albania, the choice is yours. Transport, accommodation in Hotel, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Guide, skiing ... Hurry to book us No. 0696583870 that true and few countries have remained :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Albania Rafting Group acquires Albanian Tourism Award 2012/Ecology for the successful achievements in the development of sustainable rafting tourism and the following realizations....

Albania Rafting Group acquires Albanian Tourism Award 2012/Ecology for the successful achievements in the development of sustainable rafting tourism and the following realizations: • professional training of tourist guides rafting by international standards , providing the rafting patent tospecialized rafting guides operating in the Republic of Albania; • Establishment of the Albanian Rafting Center with camping equipment and rafting materials according to CE norms in respect of environmental protection; • Protection Skrapar canyons near the highest state institutions in the case of threat to destroy them through illegal actions and the development of environmental protection activities; • Lobbying for the establishment of road infrastructure Corovoda - Hambull, the realization of which is conducted under the auspices of Prime Minister Mr. Sali Berisha; • Presentation of Albania as a stable country between Europe in the streams of a new passion in World Rafting Championship, Czech Republic August 2012. • Promote continuous rafting itineraries, adventure in respect of nature, in national and international media.

Informazioni di contatto



IMPORTANT NEWS,,,,,, tomorrow at 10.00 WILL GIVE officially WE WILL KEEP TIRANA OPEN AIR on December 21,22,23,,,,,,,,,,,,, where we remember the program On 21 December, in order to challenge the end of the world if time is optimal will be fly with paramotor over Tirana, and at 16.00 starts pilots to come to hotel accommodation Aurelis Gjokaj (front Megatech) .... you Remember that the opening ceremony is at 19.00 in the hall Amfitheater room in Dajti Expres up in Mount Dajti, live in Ora News so far from one cat 5 is washable, opinion will change if the ratio changes, ,,,


Tirana Program Open Air, the second edition of the Albanian National Championship in paragliding (precision) stage 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is confirmed by the federation that the program will be the same as expected. To reduce the country pilots will make you know just inform us. Be part of this activity .....

dated December 21, from 17.00 to 18.00 o'clock pilots coming from outside Tirana, hotel Aurelis (in Rinas overpass, facing Megatech) at 19.00 in the opening ceremony in Sheraton Imperial cinema, 21.00 o'clock dinner Sheraton, 22.30 clock round for red bull to Daily Bar (former Davisdov) 23.30 photo of all participants in one of the squares of Tiranes.ora 23.47 depart to hotel
dated December 22, at 09:30 AM departure Dajti Express for mal.ora 10.30 Briefing on the stage of the cable car up, the opening of the sails in the area of ​​the former pioneer camp, at 11.30 windows open, beginning flights, at 13, 00 bus from the reduction to Dajti Express, at 14.00 noon up grill, red bull, 14.30 continuation flutrurimeve, 16.00 closing of flight, at 18.00 by bus for Dajti Express and dinners up to Balcony Tirana, at 22.00 discount below and return to the bar Capriccio for red bull.ora 23.07 depart to hotel
dated December 23, at 09:30 AM departure Dajti Express for mal.ora 10.30, the opening of the sails in the area of ​​the former pioneer camp, at 11.30 windows open, early flight, at 13.00 by bus from place The reduction to Dajti Express, at 14.00 noon up grill, red bull, 14.30 continuation flutrurimeve, closing 15.00 and departure flights for Dajti Express awards ceremony we Dajt, at 17.00 deduction for Tirana and picture Official winners Skanderbeg monument.

LAJM I RENDESISHEM,,,,,,NESER NE OREN 10,00 DO JAPIM NE MENYRE ZYRTARE NE DO MBAHET TIRANA OPEN AIR NE DATA 21,22,23 DHJETOR,,,,,,,,,,,,, ku kujtojme programin per daten 21 Dhjetor, per te sfiduar fundin e botes nqs koha eshte optimale do te kete fly me paramotor mbi Tirane, dhe ne oren 16,00 fillon akomodimi i piloteve te ardhur tek hotel Aurelis ne Gjokaj (perballe megatech)....ju kujtojme se ceremonia e hapjes eshte ne oren 19,00 ne sallen Amfitheater room ne Dajti Expres lart ne malin e Dajtit,,,,live ne Ora News deri tani nga 5 mace njera po lahet,opinioni do ndryshoje ne rast se raporti ndryshon,,,,,

Programi i Tirana Open Air,edicioni i dyte i Kampionati Kombetar Shqiptar ne paragliding (precizion) etapa e 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Me eshte konfirmuar nga  federata qe programi do jete i njejti si ishte parashikuar. Per vend uljen e piloteve do ju bejme te ditur sapo te na informojne. Behu edhe ti pjese e ketij aktiviteti.....

  • dt 21 dhjetor,ora 17,00-18,00 ardhja e piloteve nga jashte Tirane,ne hotel Aurelis (ne mbikalimin e Rinasit,perballe megatech) ora 19,00 ceremonia e hapjes ne kinemane Imperial ne Sheraton,,ora 21,00 darka ne Sheraton,ora 22,30 vajtje per red bull tek Daily Bar (ish Davisdov) 23,30 fotografi e te gjithe pjesemaresve ne njerin nga sheshet e Tiranes.ora 23,47 nisja per hotel
  • dt 22 Dhjetor,ora 09,30 nisja me Dajti expres per ne mal.ora 10,30briefing ne ambientet e teleferikut lart,hapja e velave ne fushen e ish kampit te pioniereve,ora 11,30 windows open,fillimi fluturimeve,ora 13,00 me autobuz nga vendi i uljes drejt Dajti expres,ora 14,00 dreka lart grill,red bull, 14,30 vazhdimi flutrurimeve,16,00 mbyllja e fluturimeve,ora 18,00 me autobuz per ne dajti expres dhe darka lart tek Ballkoni i Tiranes,ora 22,00 zbritje poshte dhe vajtje tek bar Capriccio per red bull.ora 23,07 nisja per hotel 
  • dt 23 Dhjetor,ora 09,30 nisja me Dajti expres per ne mal.ora 10,30,hapja e velave ne fushen e ish kampit te pioniereve,ora 11,30 windows open,fillimi fluturimeve,ora 13,00 me autobuz nga vendi i uljes drejt Dajti expres,ora 14,00 dreka lart grill,red bull, 14,30 vazhdimi flutrurimeve,15,00 mbyllja e fluturimeve dhe nisja per Dajti Expres per ceremonine e cmimeve ne dajt,ora 17,00 zbritja per Tirane dhe fotografia zyrtare e fituesve tek monumenti i Skenderbeut.

International activities for 2013 "High Albania Mountain Club"

Ky do te jete paraprakisht programi i aktiviteteve nderkombetare per vitin 2013 i High Albania Mountain Club
This will be the advance program of international activities for 2013 High Albania Mountain Club

1- Majen me te larte ne Kosove ,
majen e Gjeravices 2656 m (20-21 prill)

1 - the highest peak in Kosovo
top of Gjeravica 2656 m (20-21 April)

2- Majen me te larte ne Durmitor ne Malin e Zi, 
Bobotov Kuk,2523 m (17-18-19 maj)

2 - the highest peak on Durmitor in Montenegro
Bobotov Kuk, 2523 m (May 17-18-19)

3- Majen me te larte ne Greqi,
majen e Olimpit, 2917 m (21-22-23 qershor)

3 - highest peak in Greece
top of Olympus, 2917 m (June 21-22-23)

4- Majen me te larte ne Slloveni,
Trigllava, 2864 m, (25-26-27-28 korrik)

4 - the highest peak in Slovenia,
Trigllava, 2864 m, (July 25-26-27-28)

5- Majen me te larte ne Bullgari dhe Ballkan ,
Musalla, 2925 m (20-21-22 shtator)

5 - the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkans,
Musalla, 2925 m (20-21-22 September)


Attract more people including students and youths in practicing walking, skiing, climbing, mountaineering,orientation,speleology, as well as attracting old and disable people for active relax in natural environment and participation in new tourist and sp
Promote different types of tourism and create habits for natural and healthy way of life, as well as form modern ecological culture and take care of environment's protection.
Panoramica società
“Nëse një njeri tregohet fisnik dhe [shërben] bujarisht ndaj të huajve kjo tregon se ai është një qytetar i botës; dhe se zemra e tij nuk është një ishull, i prerë nga tokat e tjera, por është një kontinent që është i bashkuar me to.
Dhe ata nuk do kenë kaluar përmes jetës time më kot, nëse nga ky rrëfim i shkurtër qoftë edhe disa lexues njihen me një vëzhgim të vërtetë të karakterit të anëtarëve të fiseve të maleve.”
“High Albania” nga Edith Durham
[ High Albania by Edith Durham (1863-1944) London: Edward Arnold, 1909 ]

Ky është një fragment i shkurtër nga hyrja e librit të Edhit Durham, “High Albania”. Britanikja e cila u dashurua me malet shqiptare, gjeti në Shqipëri më tepër se sa mund të kishte parashikuar. Në vendin mes maleve, që ajo e cilësonte si “toka ku e shkuara jeton akoma”, gjeti një mikpritje dhe fisnikëri që nuk e kishte hasur as në kryeqytetet e perëndimit. Thjeshtësia e njerëzve, bujaria e tyre, besa dhe mirësia lanë gjurmë të fuqishme të autorja e radhëve të mësipërme. Alpet shqiptare u bënë për të një udhëtim në të shkuarën, ku ajo kishte mundësinë të prekte ndjenjat më të pastra njerëzore të së shkuarës, ato tradita të lashta që dikur kishin ekzistuar edhe në Britaninë e saj, por para mijëra vjetësh. Sot, kur bëhet fiks një shekull nga dalja në dritë e librit që sapo përmendëm, bukuria natyrore vazhdon të jetë po aq magjepëse, mikpritja e njerëzve vazhdon të jetë e fuqishme edhe pse sot ata përballen me probleme që një shekull më parë edhe pse më të varfër nuk i kishin. Të lexosh një britanike që shkruan me një ndjenjë magjepsje për vendin tënd, është një ndjenjë e bukur, por të mos shohësh të paktën se përse ajo u magjeps nga malet tona, është vërtet keqardhje.
“High Albania” mountain club, ju ofron mundësinë që të tentoni të kryeni një “përgënjeshtrim” të përfundimeve mrekulluese të atyre udhëtarëve që kanë parë Shqipërinë e Epërme dhe Alpet shqiptare...Por ne mendojmë se keto udhëtime në veri dhe ne te gjithe Shqipërinë do të ndryshojë përgjithmonë diçka brenda jush.
Attract more people including students and youths in practicing walking, skiing, climbing, mountaineering,orientation,speleology, as well as attracting old and disable people for active relax in natural environment and participation in new tourist and sports events .

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Sunday December 23/2012 will go in the area with a beautiful Tirana Shëngjergj Highlands

This Sunday December 23 will go in the area with a beautiful Tirana Shëngjergj Highlands. In this activity we will have the opportunity to see a spectacular waterfall (especially at this time with rain) we Shengjin before going in Shëngjergj and will go up on one of the mountains about municipality Shëngjergj.
Forecasts for Sunday spend good time in Tirana and Shëngjergj so do not miss this opportunity to see one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the outskirts of Tirana ... :). The whole walk will go 3-4 hours and will be appropriate for everyone.

Meeting at 8.00 behind the Palace of Congresses.
Price: 1200 l / person (transport, guide)
Booking: fisnikmuca@yahoo.com, info@highalbania.al
069 40 31 232, 067 20 816 36
Ps: Since snow is expected to move even take with you a pair of shoes other winter coats, clothes to be changed if lageni and food because it would be impossible to do barbeky. In one of the shops in the center of the municipality do if so I can eat something there.
Shengjin waterfalls in the municipality of Shëngjergj (this waterfall will see if it will join the group in activity Sunday, 23.12 12 if you are still alive ... :-))

Albanian Tourism Association, has asked the government thus, reduce VAT and standardize hotels.

Lack of star hotels as well as accommodation tax is the main concern of operators and travel agencies in the country. Albanian Tourism Association, has asked the government thus, reduce VAT and standardize hotels.
But, according to Prime Minister Berisha, lack of vlershmit with stars hotels is a deliberate policy to avoid abuses. Statements were made in the 5th annual conference of tourism, organized by Albanian tourism which includes about 300 members, mostly travel agencies, transport, tour operators, hotels and restaurants. According to the association, during the period from September to November 2012, visitors who have stayed more in Albania are from Italy, in the second place Kosovo, and in last place ranked England.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thang ka parapente paragliding Albania 2012

Stage parapente Thang-ka en Albanie automne 2012
Paragliding Thang-ka in Albania 2012
Reis parapente Thang-ka in Albanië 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Express: Up Mount Dajti by cable lift and down by bicycle

Express: Up Mount Dajti by cable lift and down by bicycle

Tirana is a city that is working on its image. Its current mayor, Edi Rama, is an artist-turned-politician who is eager to introduce Tirana as a vivid European capital. For the city, this means beautification projects like a fresh coats of colorful paint for formerly gray buildings and a total re-landscaping of the central Skanderbeg Square.

Tirana is indeed looking better, but perhaps the most beautiful part of the city is the nature around it. Majestic green mountains hover around the city. One of the highest points on the horizon is Mount Dajti. Just 26 km outside the city, it measures 1,613 meters of altitude. The mountain is known as the ‘balcony of Tirana’ and has been declared a national park.

Just a few years ago, a gondola cable lift called the Dajti Express was built to carry site-seers from the city to the mountaintop. For adventure seekers, the best part of the gondola lift is that there is room for bicycles on board. Outdoor Albania offers a guided excursion that takes visitors up by cable and down by bike through surrounding villages.

The highlight of the trip is a stop at the restaurant built around a panoramic view of the capital below. It is world class. The restaurant has outdoor seating in lush garden terraces. Stunning infinity pools swarm with the trout that also appear on the menu, and lamb roasts slowly on its traditional-style spit. Inside the restaurant, the presidential table is reserved for political personages who bring guests to this little-known lookout above the city.

The bicycle ride down kept me wide-eyed and white-knuckled. Good brakes and a fearless streak required. There is no better way to enjoy the paradoxes and contrasts of Albania: rural versus urban, cattle versus traffic, and fresh mountain air versus the noise and pollution of the city. This day trip is also evidence that Tirana is underrated. Travelers pass through to other parts of the country without realizing the exciting possibilities in and around the city. This is definitely my favorite OA day trip so far.

Restaurant “Balcony of Dajti” is operating since 2007. Restaurant offers a comfortable place, very nice and serene spaces with the pleasure of a wonderful view that offers Mountain of Dajti- where Tirana seems to be in the palm of the hand and sunset is amazing. Restaurant “Balcony of Dajti” is created to be one of the most known and best restaurants in Tirana that offers tradition food. If you want to feel more pleasure, fun, quality and a very good service. Come and visit restaurant “Balcony of Dajti”. This is where you will find space, service and a very good dinning based on tradition and a wonderful location all together. With a strategic location in a touristy place, with contemporary and classic décor, appropriate for winter and summer season, we are here to add quality to your festive occasions and simplify your busy life. Restaurant Balkony of Dajti has the most beautiful view of Tirana. It is located in the touristy area of Dajti mountain. Before you could come to us for 1 hour, now you can come to us using Dajti Ekspres cable-car, for only 15 minutes. Every one of you can dream of fresh air of the forest, flavor of the flowers, and murmur of water that flows through the stone. Don’t dream! …Come to “Balkony of Dajti” and you will find these emotions all together, come to our restaurant where it combines modern style with wood, the magnificent green of nature, and obviously a cultured and quality service.

Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel is an investment of the company “Dajti Ekspres sha”. Dajti Ekspres is contributing in the development of the tourism in Tirana building this wonderful hotel, in one of the most known touristic area called mountain of Dajti. The construction of the hotel is fulfilled at the beginning of 2009. Dajti Belvedere Hotel has begun its full operations during the month of September 2009. The main area of focus is promoting the sustainable tourism and the protection of nature.
Dajti Tower  Belvedere Hotel is located in the touristy area of National Park of Dajti Mountain 1420 m above sea level. A piece of modern accommodation expects you at the top of Dajti Mountain. Come to enjoy the comfort and luxury, next to the amazing views that this subject offers that is related with the way you are coming up using Dajti Ekspres cable – car. Dajti Express cable car is the only one in Albania and the largest one in Balkan.
For more informations visit www.dajtitower.com

Dajti Mountain declared "National Park" is today an area of about 3333 ha. It is under the jurisdiction and administration of Tirana Forest Service Department.
So far, it has fulfilled nearly four functions of a forest: the retroactive function, as a tourist of good climate, the function of soil protection, water resources, roads, conservation function for scientific studies, teaching practice for students of Faculty of Forestry, training courses for sustainable forests cultivation, and, to some extent, the production function.
Dajti National Park is one of six national parks of Albania, declared under protection in 1966.

The big similarity of this park vegetation to that of Central Europe big heights is the first thing that strikes the eye in the stretch characterized by oak forest. Vegetation types found in Dajti National Park are oak forest, pine forest, composed of Balkan pine, found in rocky slopes in the middle of oak forest. While broad-leaved forests appear in the northwest foothills. The plane forest lies along Tirana river.
Whereas Mediterranean forest appears in lower heights. The Central Park has a great variety with about 44 species of forest trees and shrubs, which cover about 80% of the territory, herbaceous plants, animals and wild birds, two dominant peaks, the "balconies", standing on steep rocks, winter snow and a relatively high altitude from sea level, ranging from 300 meters to the highest peak of 1613 meters, in the 4 phyto-climatic areas and a counter direction providing abundance of sunny days, and consequently, a fresher climate and cleaner air than the plateau on which Tirana lies.

From the fauna pint of view, we can distinguish among the species with natural and conservation values: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Some of these species appear only in limited areas, to be mentioned are several amphibious species that appear in several basins of eastern slope of Priske Mountain. Even Tirana Mountain gorge presents an importance from fauna viewpoint. Birds such as mountains eagle and sparrow hawk build their nest in this area. This habitat represents also a possible area for carnivores as the gray bear and the wolf, which are often found in the area. While rivers of Tirana, Terkuze and Erzeni, where they flow on flat surfaces, are favorable for the growth of many species of fish and vertebrates. We can mention here the rare otter, which is threatened throughout Europe. This type is found rarer exemplars in this basin. Dajti National Park is considered a park with original well administered Flora and fauna of the. 

The Bunker Colorful "repurposing" in North of Albania

The Bunker Colorful "repurposing" in North of Albania

In Albania, around 750,000 bunkers form a gray mushroom network across the country. This drab legacy of recent communism presents a creative challenge today. Albanians are transforming the bunkers into more purposeful structures, often with tourism in mind. 

Remnants of a Paranoid Past

Built of thick cement and iron, the bunkers are phone booth-sized subterranean fortresses with rifle windows and cement dome roofs above ground. A delusional communist dictator built them in the 1970s in paranoia of nuclear warfare and xenophobia toward the rest of the world. The bunkers were never used. When the dictator Enver Hoxha died in 1985, the communist regime lasted about five more years and collapsed with the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Only two decades later, this history still haunts the present. Most of the 750,000 bunkers are still standing and crumbling slowly where they were built. Moving or destroying them is not a simple task, as they were built to withstand nuclear warfare. Myth has it that Hoxha hired the bunkers’ engineer by instructing him to shelter himself in the prototype while it was attacked by military explosives. The engineer survived, so Hoxha ordered almost a million of his bunkers to be built.

Creative Repurposing 

Today, Albanians face the question of how to address these scars from the past. Most are simply worked around, while some have been destructed by explosives in order to build in their place. While the majority of the 2-person pillboxes continue to blight the landscape with concrete and iron, a rare few have been “repurposed” into worthwhile structures such as planters, cafes, playground equipment, and pieces of graffiti art. 

The creative repurposing of cement bunkers is a telling metaphor for Albania’s recovery from its recent communist past. One project, Concrete Mushrooms, has secured resources for the research and documentation of Albania’s bunkers. The organization works toward “inverting the meaning” of these symbolic structures by “giving bunkers value instead of having them as a burden”. Concrete Mushrooms identifies ecotourism-related uses for the bunkers, such as tourism information points, cafes, and even accommodation, as an area with real potential. 

The Tattooed Bunker in Tamare

On the highland road north from Shkoder to Tamare, where population is sparse, bunkers are also fewer and farther between. Here, a bright example of creative repurposing can be found. A large bunker has been converted into a tattoo parlor. This one is easy to spot -- the concrete is colorful, with “tattoo” painted on the outside dome in graffiti-style lettering. For fearless tattoo shoppers, ink enthusiasts, or those who are simply curious, it is worthwhile to pull over and see this place and the tattoo artist, Keq Marku Djetroshan, who works there mainly during the summer season. 

Having lived in the United States for several years, Keq is fluent in American slang. His time in the States ended with a run-in with the law, so now he is back in northern Albania with his tattoo business. He serves mostly Albanians and Montenegrins who cross the nearby border. Inside the bunker-turned-parlor, the walls display more graffiti and an array of dog-eared tattoo art magazines sit on the table in front of the couch. Keq’s arms are covered with layers of tattoos, perhaps a repurposing of his own scars from the past. 

To visit the tattooed bunker, go to www.shkoder-albanian-alps.com for accommodation and tour information about Albania’s northern region.
from; http://sunshineandalbania.blogspot.com/

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guide Kruja Castle, Albania low-cost

Right from Marlen Kazani
On a rock hill in the place where crossed signals between Petrela, Preza, Rodon Clarendon, out of sight of observers dissolve until deep into the sea, there was built the castle of Kruja.
"Owner" of qutetit field, the sea coast it occupies a special position in the history of the Albanian nation, typical of medieval fortification in the way of water supply.
Metropolis qush in the state of Eve, with Skanderbeg return Kruja castle became the seat of the Epopee Albanian resistance against the Ottoman occupation. Her name and Skanderbeg became known throughout Europe at that time.
"Be treated to the example for all officials for all the people and let them crown your name a fame ameshueshme" - So lauded Scanderbeg and Kruja Republic of Raguzez 1452.
When the castle was built Kruja
Genesis Castle of V-VI centuries. Maybe it is related to the abandonment of the city Ilir Albanopolis, which Ptolemy mentions a city in the territory of Albania. Castle laid the foundations of the wall of an Illyrian settlement the third century BC.
Kruje name castle church mentioned in a document of the year 879 time when the city had the role of an episcopal center. Further constructions made since the late twelfth century castle take the form of full and has served as a center of Byzantine garrisons and governors.
During the Middle Ages SISEMI fortification of the castle is perfect rebuilt several times, especially after the three major campaigns Ottoman (1450,1466,1467).
powerful earthquake of the year 1617, as well as weapons of mass destruction by the Ottomans after printing that kruengritjes year 1832 brought major injuries castle. Some adjustments you made during the nineteenth century can not turn the old brilliance.
Overview of Castle
Castle Kruja has a view eliptikeme the surface 2.25 (ha), which strongly decreases from east to west.
Follows the perimeter wall rock ridges with a perimeter 804 m. These 1.5 m thick walls are reinforced with 9 round or rectangular towers, which are set in the most important parts: near the main entrance and near water sources. Pergjithsesishte towers were high with a diameter of about 15 m.
The main entrance of the castle is set by VL, while a second entry form tyneli is located in JP.
In the highest part of the hill to fotifikuar, XII-XIV century was built feudal headquarters. Near the ruins of this establishment are those of a church and clock tower rises.
The castle is inhabited. Egsistenca residents in Castle evidenced by early historical documents. Such a thing is evidenced by a decision of the Byzantine emperor Andronicus II Paleologos, who in October 1286 was rinjeh inhabitants of the castle old privileges and "... enjoy everything both inside and outside the castle."

Distanza between cities;
Kruje-Tirane 32 Km
Kruje-Durres 46 Km
Kruje-Rinas 22 Km

What can visit the citadel of Kruja?
History Museum
Home Home
Tunnel entrance
Clock Tower
Accommodating fortification of water resources
Hammam (baths)
Skanderbeg's well
Skanderbeg olive situated within the tekke and on the second gate of the city (secret)
All of these are taken from the booklet that gives information on this Kruja inside his own museum. Will be found in English and English in case that you will have a friend who does not understand Albanian.
For me personally these were very little information on this information, given that I had with me some foreign persons where all full wish them want to know this castle and its district.
Be careful when you start to these tourist spots, inform in advance for opening and closing schedules in lunch orarine because not all countries are open in the following hours. I say this because it happened to him personally that he was in and lunch hours in the castle museum was closed.

Looking to make any picture on the outskirts of the castle and waiting to open the museum, came across in a resident who lived in houses within the castle that had a small bankarele carpet that were produced by his family. this boy call Shkelzen Topliu is a resident of this castle, he in addition to his private activity tries to collate and clean the ruins of the castle of scrub, debris thrown by tourists rather than environmental. I can say that this guy about 30 was very loved by tourists who wanted to know the history of Kruja Castle from another point of view, is not to had been for Shkelzeni not know what else to say these foreign tourists by not found as a map of the castle with a dot of it. Thanks to him I could see the fortress with a different look, to visit public baths Turkish aunt for men women and children where you can see them illustrated with pictures to make it the following day.
If you want to know a Kruje castle shown by a guide (inhabitants of the castle) where it is grown and fed with information on this can be found in the corner of his close gabines guard or you can contact number 0685252180 and you Give an offer on the free at the end.