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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ski and snowboard for the 2013 winter holidays in the Alps of Albania

Can choose Thethi, Voskopoja, Dardha or Razmën. And if you are passionate about the sport of skiing can get services from professional tours in Mount Korab Jezerca or. Choosing

is yours
 Albanian tourism promotion institutions say they are making improvements in the infrastructure of some mountainous areas, while legally guaranteed tax incentives, such as tax exemption for eight years for each investment made for this purpose
 Snowboard, ski, mountain hiking, traditional dishes can be a choice for the winter holidays. And if you are in doubt for the destination you choose, or neighboring Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro,
then this is not just a matter of budget. Recently have become attractive tourist packages at economical prices, due to the economic crisis is becoming more severe.
Neighbors have increased aggressiveness and fight for offers "low cost" is strong. Just a few days ago, Macedonia introduced a lucrative marketing campaign Albanians.
But local winter tourism should not count the competition that comes from the outside, as in fact it is non-existent. Experts and market operators talk about tourism that is in strands,
that there is a genuine product, which takes place on an individual basis and that almost never promoted. On the other hand, the Albanian tourism promotion institutions say they are making improvements in the infrastructure of some mountain areas
while legally guaranteed tax incentives, such as tax exemption for eight years for any investment carried out for this purpose.
These are not the only problems, as is that of the lack of statistics for this tourist segment.
It is not known how many of the visitors who use winter destinations that offers not only nature, but also private business in Albania.
What we can say with certainty is that entertainment options are not lacking, even find economical prices. Tropoja may be one of the destinations.
A person can spend the night in the an alpine room with 15 euro, by heating with wood and completely bio food.
Promotion casual
 When asked experts and tourist operators for winter tourism trends will be this year, they say this kind of tourism is in its infancy and is so sporadic that we can not talk to a crystallized product,
which can be made studies about the effects that can have different factors. Director of the agency "Albania Holidays", also an expert in the field of tourism, cited as the main destinations of mountain tourism,
where there are several developments and investments private businesses, Voskopoja, Dardha, Llogoranë, Thethit, Valbona, Razmën and Dajti mountain. In these areas, he says, provided mainly merely accommodation and food.
"Even these structures suffer from the disease of early Albanian tourism is the lack of entertainment in and around the center. Lack the necessary facilities like indoor pools those health tourism, jacuzzi, Turkish baths, sauna,
wellness, sports facilities, those passing free time skiing, bowling, tennis, mini-golf, billiards etc.. All of these would complete this product, would make it more competitive with other tourist options in the country, but also with similar products in the region, "says Mr. Gerxhani.
In Albania, accommodation facilities that offer mountain tourism has different prices depending on the investments made. A man can find very economical prices (20 euro accommodation and breakfast included) if you choose to stay in the homes of local residents (Guesthouse), as Theth,
Valbona, Voskopoja. A bit more expensive (two-threefold higher prices) if you choose hotels that offer quality services Pear, Razëm or trenches. The head of the agency "Albania Holidays", says that this kind of tourism is mainly preferred by locals,
because this product still needs to be filled, to be competitive with other countries in the region. He also needs more marketing to become known.
"There are improvements in infrastructure in some areas, such as path Voskopoja, Valbona (which is open but is not paved), she Razmës and Pass, but it is necessary that these off road in western standards
(Because they are used more during the winter, when weather conditions are more difficult) and all open and exposed roads that lead to other destinations beautiful country as Lura, Vermosh, Mount Tomori Skrapar , Përmet etc..
But we have not yet invested in the ski tracks. The state should play a very important role in the stimulation of these investments, but also in promoting investors to express interest in this area, "says Mr. Gerxhani.
And in these circumstances, it is difficult to say that compete with neighboring countries, to some extent maybe just the price.
Neighboring countries not only offer relaxation mountain tourism with all the facilities, but also active mountainous, predominantly white or one ski tourism.
Albanian tourism promoted very little in general and not a specific strategy, and mountain tourism as a new product even less. "The government started to recognize this tourism initiative it took to remove all taxes for those who invest in mountain tourism.
I think the main good of this movement was merely bringing attention to the importance of the tourism development in our country, where two-thirds of the area are mountainous area, "says the head of the agency. To develop tourism expert of this segment through fiscal incentives,
but not previously prepared a strategy (clearly specifying what and how should be developed) may have negative effects, as can be chaotic development that has occurred in coastal areas.
Foreigners, more winter tourism
The presence of some hotels "endemic" in Razëm, Voskopoja, Pear, trenches etc.., Is inferior to define this as a winter tourism in Albania. The head of the agency "Outdoor Albania",
Gent Mati, says the Albanians do prefer winter tourism neighboring countries. During the winter months, the agency organizes ski-climbing expeditions starting at 400 euro per week and daily excursions with snow missiles
(Snow-shoes) with departures from Tirana, starting from 25 euros a day.
According Genc Mat, ski-hiking exercised exclusively by foreigners, as the necessary technical, material and exceptional experience for this type of activity somewhat extreme. Excursions with snow missiles, can attend anyone, to dominate domestic visitors.
Infrastructure in these areas are counted only a few private initiatives in the hotel, said Mr.. Mati, has not changed.
Comparison with neighboring countries such as Macedonia or Kosovo is almost impossible, and if so, can be said about the competition. "Each of Albania's neighboring countries, including Kosovo has over two ski centers equipped with complete infrastructure,
as in hotels and in plants. Not to speak after a winter tourism tradition Indeed, over the 30-year-old, already consolidated. For years we did not compete, but only supply neighbors with clients and income. "
Gent Matin, if we talk about winter tourism in Albania, in fact it comes to restaurants and hotels, which provide heat and conditions for hosting clients and winter.
But according to him, this is not today's winter tourism, the holidays should be diverse and dynamic.
"Major projects needed to establish proper ski stations, which would allow the existence of winter tourism in Albania with European standards. Despite their absence we continue to promote the Albanian mountains at home and abroad "
says the head of the "Outdoor Albania". During the winter, the agency will conduct an international meeting for extreme skiers in Valbona, "V-FREE" (Valbona Free Ride Experience), given the rising demand for our expeditions in the Alps.
For a joint product
While tourism operators talk about mountain tourism is mostly sporadic, institutions dealing with the promotion of this field talk about untapped potential and measures are being taken to promote it.
National Tourism Agency, Albania offers a range of options to exploit this type of tourism, and year after year, the situation has changed in favor. Under the leadership of the institution, improved infrastructure,
in some areas the roads have been rehabilitated and this has helped in shortening the distance. Another advantage that they list is the decision that the government has taken to ease the fiscal burden investment in mountain areas,
exempt from taxes for eight years before. AKT leaders, Albania is intended to provide an extended tourist season throughout the year and this is guaranteed by several advantages.
Infrastructure is improving (rehabilitation of roads, electricity and water supply) is creating new destinations that were not accessible before. On the other hand, say the leaders of AKT, exemption from taxes creates competitive advantages for new investments,
not only by locals but also foreigners. Another advantage is the natural diversity, bio food, traditions and customs that make them distinct mountainous areas, such destinations Valbona, Theth, Pears, Voskopoja, Kukes, Razma, Këlcyra etc..
Geographical position that allows country destinations achievements in short time. On the other hand, we compete, say leaders of AKT at favorable prices. Accommodation, food and transport costs low for tourists. But despite these advantages,
Albania can not compete only against neighboring states who enjoy not only long experience, but also modern infrastructure and quality.
National Tourism Agency, the region is collaborating running. This means that a foreign tourist, through concrete projects, allow several-day stay, various regional destinations, in order for him to obtain effective visits
and become familiar with the culture and services. What is acknowledged by officials is that the lack of investment in the nature of mountain tourism, ski centers or resorts are becoming a concern for sustainable development of the tourism.
A winter guide
Wide spread of mountain landscapes, which account for two-thirds of the country's area, does that offer numerous opportunities for tourist activities, which take place in these areas.
Key areas for the development of winter sports item is Mountain Voskopoja, in Korçë. Here is a "ski tracks" where the national championship races. One other track is that of Bigëllit in Bonoshticë.
Winter sports can be developed in areas such as Razma, Boga, Theth, Shishtaveci, Grabova, Pears, Biza etc.. Trekingu and develop mountain climbing mainly in verse Çikës, but also Kurveleshit area.
The most interesting route would Dukat-Tërbaç-Vranisht-scat-Kudhës-Qeparo. For this type of activity can take advantage spots such as Vermosh, Thethi, Razma, Boga, Valbona etc.. Tomori mountain lying in the districts of Berat and Skrapar Vithkuqi, Voskopoja, Drenova in Korçë District, Stone of wealth in Pogradec District, Llogara to Vlora District, Korabi Radomir district of Debar, Gjinari in the District of Elbasan, Dropull area Drinos Valley in the district of Gjirokastra Borsh route-slime that permeates Kurveleshin others.
In rivers and numerous mountain streams, sport fishing is a pleasure in itself. Appropriate areas of natural beauty for this type of activity are Valbona valley, the river Thethi River Shale in the Albanian Alps, upper valleys Vjosa etc..
Other recreational activities are mountain bikes, which can be developed in Alps area (Theth, Vermosh etc.).
When all are suffering the effects of the economic crisis, neighboring countries such as Montenegro and Macedonia are increasing efforts to attract more tourists, with economic packages.
For the winter months, provided that foreigners spend over 200,000 net positions. Northern neighboring country, numbering 32 hotels in ski resorts, which have the capacity to accommodate over 2,000 people.
Along the coast, the number of hotels is estimated at 65, with a capacity of over 8,000 people.
Tour to ski
The most appropriate time to practice this sport is from November to April. An interesting route you suggested for skiing or sliding snow rocket would be in the mountains of northern Albania:
 Magazine Monitor
Mountain surroundings Jezerca
(2,625 meters)
Valbona suburb
Rosie Peak (2,524 meters)
Mount Korab (2,751 meters)
the highest peak in Bangladesh
In southern Albania

Tomori Mountain (2,416 meters)
Mali Nemërçka (2,489 meters)
Ostrovica mountain (2,383 meters)
 By Elona Bedalli

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