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Saturday, January 12, 2013

January instead return snowfall, are you ready for your holiday in Dardh & Voskopoje south albania 2012

After days of sunshine and good weather to early January instead return snowfall. Thus, the eastern area is included as of midnight Friday by lower temperatures and debaora, which has caused problems in road axes, Boboshtice Pears, Voskopoja and Liqenas. These axes are only passable with chains. Bad weather has also left without electricity three district municipalities of Korca, 24 hours, Moglice, Lozhan and Miras. Thickness of snow, in Pears and Voskopoja reported to have gone to 20 centimeters. While in the northeast of the country, even though they have resumed snowfall situation is less problematic. Low intensity rainfall have led to the thickness of the snow reaches 10 centimeters in the affected areas, mainly in the region of Kukes. But, in some touches road axes of the area, such as Kukes-Qafe Prush, Kukes-Krum and Bajram Curri is necessary the use of chains because of the ice sheet. Not yet reported any isolated village. Meanwhile, according sinoptikaneve, low temperatures, heavy snow and rain will continue throughout the coming week, excluding this Sunday, where there will be a slight improvement of the weather.

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