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Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow and cold, the right place to spend your holiday in Albania Winter 2013 ....

To spend Christmas and New Year in a place covered in snow is the right choice. Every year in Albania winter holidays are taking on a large scale, and politicians to ordinary people Voskopoja remains the favorite.
Smooth and white nature is the main reason that attracts hundreds of Albanians to pass end holidays in Voskopoja. For several consecutive year southeastern country continues to be the preference of many Albanian families that choose the cold and snow adventures to switch parties different from the usual ones. In Voskopoja has several high-quality hotels, which offer many different prices for couples but also for families with children. So, a few days in Voskopoja not go more than 50 thousand for a normal family including attitude, accommodation and eating out. In the southeastern corner of the adventures ranging from skiing to mountain walks completely covered by snow. "Traditional cuisine with organic foods is another reason that encourages tourists to take again path Voskopoja. During the winter the local favorite dishes remain roasted meat, Lakrori and pickles. Forests are the right place for hunting lovers "are some of the reasons that advertise locals to make the holidays in Voskopoja. Southeastern city is about 20 km from Korca. Although snowfall totals around 50 cm, borëpastrueseve intervention has made the road passable even without chains.

Albanian Alps, the challenge for the holidays "adventurous"
 Facing the cold, snow thickness knee, ski over craggy mountains are some of the challenges that can only be found in the Albanian Alps. Last years holiday interests in these areas were high, so that many of the hotels have begun to increase prices. However, the offers are too tempting ranging from 40 thousand for a family of up to 100 thousand depending on the days of stay. Vacations in the area offer variety and adventurous Albanian picturesque landscape attracts visitors, but also foreign. For some tourist companies in the Capital Winter tourism is spreading rapidly and Alps area are preferred. For these companies every year there is an increase of tourists and this year is expected to bring even more of this and because of the departure of the snow in December and the holidays are the best time to rest. Distinguished Alps and many animals are in the area and often a lot of tourists enjoying a few moments with wild animals of snow.
Dardha, your country is turning into a gem
A remote village that a normal day no more than 40 people, but in the holiday village overfill by visitors. Many famous people, but also simple see Dardha as ideal place to rest a few days. In this period, the village of remote overfill snow which turns the hills and mountains in white highlight. Pears is a mountain village between the mountains and forests, a rare natural beauty. 20 km southeast of Korca at an altitude of 1 344 m, Pears offers a healthy climate of fresh air. Winter sports, especially skiing, attract tourists enthusiast. Name Pear (pear fruit) comes from a legend, according to which, it is said that the expatriates stay in an area around a pear tree and called down pear fields. road to the remote village is reconstructed by making it easy a soothing ride and away from any disturbance. Recently hotels which offer tourist services are added and prices were reasonable. Some days do not go pear more than 50 thousand for each simple or rich families.
from ; Ndriçik çaka

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