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Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Tourism 2013 Voskopoj - Albania right place for winter holidays

"Voskopoja is a small mountain village in southeast Albania, thirteen miles from Korca. Keeps track of a prosperous past, including eight of the ancient Byzantine-style churches and monasteries. "This is the description that made ​​this country by the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica". But beyond superlatives that go to this place, it is most important that this paper invites all tourists to turn the face of our country and enjoy its beauty for the winter holidays. Thus, Albania is again at the center of services for tourists. Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" place our midst one of the European destinations where not only can spend pleasant winter holiday, more and with very economic prices. While besides economic reasons, snow and ski, order papers and attractions that can be found in these places, where singling resort of Voskopoja in Korçë, it speaks of Orthodox monasteries and Byzantine churches that you can find there.
"From Albania to Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Eastern Europe should be to stop all those who worship the snow and ski weekends. Here you can save without making many sacrifices ", quoted in the newspaper" La Repubblica ".

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