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Monday, January 14, 2013

Low-Cost experienc, Sci in Dardh,Korçë-Albania - 2 Nights 3 Days - All included 18-19-20 January 9900 lek.

It is 19 miles southeast of Korce, in an impressive geographical altitudes over 1300 m, which itself leads to imagination during snowy winter, to spring fueled by Blerim, to wines that come from forest breeze to fall palette painterly of the rainbow, is the pearl. This village is a der separate villages in the area of ​​Albania is amazing to see ... sh a village that lies on the slopes of the mountain, unlike the villages that are in the mountain range, pears found mount as the bedrock for homes her.

A village that has more than 10, 000 viztore year, to offers mundeis to discover beautiful landscapes and winter activities. Pear is a track where visitors can ski, makes a beautiful and our guide.


Day I:

Starting Friday at 17:00 hours from Tirana (At Liceo Atristik "Jordan Misja"). The group is usually from 17-25 Persona. En route stops will be made to be cplodhur (A Librazhd and one in Korce). At around 21:00 we Pears after accommodation in Hotel, made ready supper, Bio food and kartakteristik area. No doubt feature dardhare kitchen is Lakrori two noodles. Also, you should definitely try the other dishes of housewives Dardha without other dishes aside Korca area as oshmaret, kërnackat, roasted meat etc area. But also products zgarës, should be tried, they especially take another taste, if you eat at a picnic in nature.
During dinner there will be music and for those who do not want to sleep before 02:00 ores. J

Day II: (CIS)

Saturday after finish breakfast around 9:30 am depart for a few long guide. Go so in CIS.

Track is located about 4 km from the village, this itinerary will describe standing with those who desire to enjoy the beauties of this village covered by snow (Others will come with van). Once we go to the runway each will choose favorite clothes and skiing, then an instructor will care for each of you to learn how to ski. Track will stay until 15:30.

From there you will take the vans and go to eat lunch is waiting for us, with traditional foods from the area (different flavor pie, lamb in Sac, rabbit, etc. etc.). The afternoon is free until 21:00 to be raised Dinner. During dinner that Saturday will be a setup for those who want to dance or enjoy music near the chimney.

Day III:

Need to wake up a little earlier, with the universe have resided until late Saturday. At around 9 after we eat breakfast depart for a Guide to the village. A guide that takes about 2 hours. During this time, will visit some of the tourist characteristics and pear. Will make a Vizitetek Church, will see 2-3 springs (TAPS) in pear are numerous. Around 11:30 hours will need; argohemi from Pears,

We start to go back, but we have yet to see. Will make a stop in the city of Korca, where they will have the opportunity to see and know better the city. A visit to the Cathedral, walk to Pedonalja and some other countries will make the most beautiful feature our guide in this city.

Not how to end this Guide so special without stopping at the edge of the lake of Pogradec. For this reason we decided to make a stop at the edge of this lake to eat lunch. About 19:00 We are in Tirana. * Tired but happy ;-) *

Payment for this event is 9,900 leks per person which includes:

1.Transporti (Tirana, pear-Tirana)
2.Hoteli (Ngroja becomes furnace chamber 2-3-sh sh)
3.Mengjesi (Saturday and Sunday)
4.Dreka (Saturday) (pie, lamb friends SAC, and other products typical of the area)
5.Darka (Friday and Saturday)
6.Sci (Rent the runway, equipment, course)
For bookings and further info Contact No. 0696583870.

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