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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The trip through Albania, way to Theth.

Discovering Albania with Professor Tom Winnifrith

Just a a couple of kilometers across the straits from Corfu, Albania is much less visited and far more interesting. A visit with Professor Tom Winnifrith, who has written several books about the history and culture of Albania, includes the port of Saranda, the ruins of Butrint, crowded with layers of ancient civilisations, the idyllic, empty beaches strewn with abandoned pillboxes, archaeological digs, ruined churches and citadels and the fortified mountain town of Gjirokaster. Filmed in 2002, just five years after Albania was devastated by the collapse of a pyramid banking scheme and disintegrated into civil war.

Albania Daily Life Tour by Albania Holidays

A unique trip to Albanian traditional life, meet the locals and enjoy the unforgettable Albanian hospitality. A tour to Gjirokaster, UNESCO Heritage Site in Albania, organized by Albania Holidays DMC.

Monday, January 28, 2013

W drodze do TETH. Albania summer 2012

Paragliding chase cam in Shashica,Vlore-Albania January 2013 J.Bejko R.Drozhani A.Tarelli www.aeroclubalbania.com

VOSKOPOJE,Korce - ALBANIA video promo

Voskopoje is located at a distance of 21 km from Korçë, in the mountains of southeastern Albania, at an altitude of 1160 meters. The village has a population of about 500. Because of its high altitude Voskopoje is a ski resort.
Toward the end of the 18th century, the city flourished due to commerce with Germany, Venice and Constantinople and it had various manufacturing plants, around 70 churches, banks, a printing press (the only other press of Ottoman Europe was in Istanbul), and even a university (The Greek Academy, or Hellēnikon Phrontistērion, founded in 1744
As a major trading and intellectual center of that time, it hosted the first printing press in the Balkans outside Istanbul, educational institutions and numerous churches
The following historic monuments remain in Voskopoje:
Church of Saint Nicholas (Shën Kolli)
Church of Saint Mary (Shën Mëria)
Church of Saint Athanasius (Shën Thanasi)
Church of Saint Michael (Shën Mëhilli)
Church of Saint Elijah (Shën Ilia)
Church of Saint Charalampus (Shën Harallambi), ruined
Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (Shën Prodhromi

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kisha e Lacit - Laçi church, albania video promo

Pogradec - Liqeni i Pogradecit -albania video promo

Thethi - albania video promo

Kruja - albania video promo

Kanionet e Skraparit - albania video promo

Mali i Tomorit - albania video promo

Sari Salltik - albania video promo

Bylis - albania video promo

Divjake - albania video promo

Alipostivan, Vendi i Shenjtë - albania video promo

Dardha e Korces - albania video promo

Liqeni i Pogradecit - albania video promo

Butrinti - albania promo video

Ishulli i Lezhës - albania video promo

Ishulli i Lezhës - albania video promo

Patoku,laç - Albania vdeo promo

Shna Ndou - Albania video promo

Himara - Albania Impresion video promo

Brari - Albania video promo...

Apolonia - Albania video promo

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sun, Sand and Culture on the Albanian Riviera - Three Day Trip

Scenic Travels Along the Albanian Riviera - Two Day Trip

Historic and Cultural Treasures of the Saranda District - One Day Trip

Culture Over Coffee on the Albanian Riviera - Two Day Trip

Cultural Heritage Around Southern Vlora Bay - Half Day Trip

Cavernous Adventures on the Albanian Riviera - Half Day Trip

Castles of Albania's Ionian Coast - One Day Trip

Albania's Archaeological Past - Two Day Trip

Butrint National Park, Walking Trails... butrint fletepalosje mjedisi

Butrint park leaflet, Historia dhe Arkeologjia e Butrintit

At the heart of the Albanian Alps discover the beauty of virgin nature and experience the hospitality of local families 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Low-Cost experienc, Sci in Dardh,Korçë-Albania - 2 Nights 3 Days - All included 18-19-20 January 9900 lek.

It is 19 miles southeast of Korce, in an impressive geographical altitudes over 1300 m, which itself leads to imagination during snowy winter, to spring fueled by Blerim, to wines that come from forest breeze to fall palette painterly of the rainbow, is the pearl. This village is a der separate villages in the area of ​​Albania is amazing to see ... sh a village that lies on the slopes of the mountain, unlike the villages that are in the mountain range, pears found mount as the bedrock for homes her.

A village that has more than 10, 000 viztore year, to offers mundeis to discover beautiful landscapes and winter activities. Pear is a track where visitors can ski, makes a beautiful and our guide.


Day I:

Starting Friday at 17:00 hours from Tirana (At Liceo Atristik "Jordan Misja"). The group is usually from 17-25 Persona. En route stops will be made to be cplodhur (A Librazhd and one in Korce). At around 21:00 we Pears after accommodation in Hotel, made ready supper, Bio food and kartakteristik area. No doubt feature dardhare kitchen is Lakrori two noodles. Also, you should definitely try the other dishes of housewives Dardha without other dishes aside Korca area as oshmaret, kërnackat, roasted meat etc area. But also products zgarës, should be tried, they especially take another taste, if you eat at a picnic in nature.
During dinner there will be music and for those who do not want to sleep before 02:00 ores. J

Day II: (CIS)

Saturday after finish breakfast around 9:30 am depart for a few long guide. Go so in CIS.

Track is located about 4 km from the village, this itinerary will describe standing with those who desire to enjoy the beauties of this village covered by snow (Others will come with van). Once we go to the runway each will choose favorite clothes and skiing, then an instructor will care for each of you to learn how to ski. Track will stay until 15:30.

From there you will take the vans and go to eat lunch is waiting for us, with traditional foods from the area (different flavor pie, lamb in Sac, rabbit, etc. etc.). The afternoon is free until 21:00 to be raised Dinner. During dinner that Saturday will be a setup for those who want to dance or enjoy music near the chimney.

Day III:

Need to wake up a little earlier, with the universe have resided until late Saturday. At around 9 after we eat breakfast depart for a Guide to the village. A guide that takes about 2 hours. During this time, will visit some of the tourist characteristics and pear. Will make a Vizitetek Church, will see 2-3 springs (TAPS) in pear are numerous. Around 11:30 hours will need; argohemi from Pears,

We start to go back, but we have yet to see. Will make a stop in the city of Korca, where they will have the opportunity to see and know better the city. A visit to the Cathedral, walk to Pedonalja and some other countries will make the most beautiful feature our guide in this city.

Not how to end this Guide so special without stopping at the edge of the lake of Pogradec. For this reason we decided to make a stop at the edge of this lake to eat lunch. About 19:00 We are in Tirana. * Tired but happy ;-) *

Payment for this event is 9,900 leks per person which includes:

1.Transporti (Tirana, pear-Tirana)
2.Hoteli (Ngroja becomes furnace chamber 2-3-sh sh)
3.Mengjesi (Saturday and Sunday)
4.Dreka (Saturday) (pie, lamb friends SAC, and other products typical of the area)
5.Darka (Friday and Saturday)
6.Sci (Rent the runway, equipment, course)
For bookings and further info Contact No. 0696583870.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Berat is a White Bethlehem. Watched from far, it seems a cartoon city, as only Walt Disney can build one, placing with poetry its geometry. Houses, all white with green blinds are one above the other, in the race who arrives first at the top of a rock burned from the sun, which has been divided in two peaces from strong currents of  Osumi ..... Indro Montaneli ( 1939). We wish you welcome in Berat, one of the most beautiful cities in Albania, where homes sleep on over each other and are illuminated by thousands of windows ...
The town consists of three historic old neighborhoods as Kala, Mangalem and Gorica. I had to monuments, the story and its characters, from among the itj have emerged a number of celebrities where we can mention historical families of Muzakaj and Vrioni. Berat today counts 65 000 inhabitants and is a new university center. The city is also known for numerous cultural exposure values. In the eighteenth century was known as a center of Turkish-Oriental literature, whose most prominent representative was Nezim Berati (Frakulla). In his cathedral church serving as based mitropolitan, preserved treasures such culture as the Codex.the Purple and the Golden ones, considered the world's heritage of Unesco and the famous Epitaph of Gllavinica.
Berat has a diversified landscape consisting of fields, rivers, hills, mountains and mountain ranges. Its northern lowlands of Myzeqeja penetrate up near the city, where Osumi valley narrows considerably. The relief is hilly-mountainous. The most important nature destination, is Tomori National Park with an area of ​​4000 ha.

The City has a very interesting and beautiful history. Archaeologists think that it was inhabited continuously since prehistoric periods. While the township as he rose from the Illyrian IC Dasaretëve and the period paraqytetare VII-VI centuries BC. Another hypothesis states that his first name I was Antipatrea. This name was taken from Macedonian General Antipatri in the year 321 BC.
Antipatrea he was known as an Koinoni of Dasarets, an Illyrian tribe known to occasionally was transformed into an arena of wars and clashes between ancient states. Ancient author who first mentioned Antipatrea was Polybius in 216 BC.
Several years later, precisely in the year 200, the Roman historian Titus Livy describes in his writings, sad that the city became apparent battle between the Romans and the Macedonians. Roman period will pass without any important event in Berat. During the Bulgarian occupation (860-1018) it will turn into one of these imperial power centers in Albania. The city was named Belgrad (white city). With this name it was mentioned for the first time in a letter of Pope Michael VIII. A century later it joined territories of Despotate of Arta. Berat later will go under a number of occupations and somewhere around the year 1350 the city will return to the center of the Albanian principality of Muzakaj. Was Prince Andrew II who took Berat from the hands of Serb commander Jovan Komnen Aseni, brother-in-law of the emperor Stefan Dusan. After a nearly 70-year domination Muzaka family will be forced to submit Berat under Ottoman power in 1417. The Ottoman Empire will be one of the longest for the town itself, giving it the shape of today Berat, the name and characteristics of the world of the Orient.
Even today, these features of Ottoman architecture are found in the city's historic neighborhoods as Kala, Mangalem or Gorica, as well as to religious buildings like mosques of Singles, the Lead Mosque, the dervish lodge Helveti, monumental tombs of Vrioni family, etc..
What to visit
The Castle
Berati Castle is one of the largest forts and saved of the country. Form its distinctive triangular shape that rises above the hill top town with quote 187 m. In the past, the safety of the castle has been great because its projectors built at this hill, where the knife falls on the Osumi southern side, while the eastern and western sides have large slope. Only on the north side of the hill sits sweet to Biftës neck, through which the meandering path that ensures communication.  The walls belong to different periods of construction starting from the IV century BC and completed during the reign of Ali Pasha (1813-1821).
To the first gate on its bow, there is a monogram with the red brick buildings of the Byzantine year 1204.
It Is another historic district of Berat, architecture of which has given name as' A city of the windows''. It is located below the edge of the riverbank of Osumi. It consists of a number of houses built with stones on the back of each other, which seem to 'stick' the castle of the hill.
It is the only district of Berat which lies on the right bank of the Osumi river. The houses climb softly along the hill facing Mangalem, and are larger than Mangalem houses''''. A small alley network permeate all of its neighborhood, in the center of which is the Orthodox church St. Teodori, built in the mid of nineteenth century and decorated with rare frescoes. Besides Gorica bridge was recently constructed a new bridge for motor vehicles. Under Gorica hill are the ruins of another small castle.
For the diversity of monuments and their values ​​in 1961, Berat was declared a museum city. In 2008 he was named as part of the World Heritage list of Unesco. Some of its main monuments  to be visited: Gorica Bridge which was mentioned in 1601 by Ottoman traveler Evliya Çelebi, who states that the bridge consists of nine arches of stone and covered with beams.
The Bridge of Velabishti,  was built by the founder of the Patriarchy of Berat, Ismail Velabishti in 1750.
King Mosque, is the oldest shrine of Islam in Berat. It was built in the XV century by Sultan Bayazid II.
The Singles Mosque, dates back to the building in 1827. Located at neighborhoods of  Mangalem.
Another famous shrine is also the dervish mosque of Helvetie, built in the eighteenth century. In its prayer hall, the visitor can enjoy percious painted frescoes and decorations.
Orthodox Christian cult monuments are known for historical and architectural values. Such churches as St. Mary's Cathedral, built in 1797. It consists of the central nave, altar, porch and a variety of other settings. In this sanctuary is raised the National Museum of Onufri, where are exposed the works of famous Albanian painters, church iconography as Onufri and Joan Çetiri. Other churches, St. Mari-Vllaherna, a thirteenth century church, and St. Trinity and St. Michael Byzantine church of the XIV century. St. Trinity, considered one of the most distinguished monuments of Byzantine architecture. As the church of St. Mëhili, located on the slope of the castle’s hill, knife on its southern side. This pagoda is cross-shaped type with dome and was built with mixed technique of stone and red bricks, bonded with mortar. It consists of the central nave, narthex, beautifully crafted drum domes and craftsmanship that rank it alongside St. Trinity, as Berati’s most beautiful churches.
Ruins of ancient city of Dimal located near the village of today Krotinë western slope Shpirag. The city was fortified by walls and had a mall a necropolis, some houses and an acropolis, which was discovered by archaeologists in the 1960s. Located on the right side of the road Fier-Berat in municipality of Cukalat. Dimali is recognized as one of the cities fortified southern Illyria.
Personal file
Area: 1665 km2
County population: 267 000 inhabitants
Geographical boundary: Fier, Mallakastra, Lushnja, Kuçova, Gramshi, Skrapari, Përmeti, Tepelena
Distances: 120 km from Tirana, 82 km from Vlora
Administrative division: Berat and Ura Vajgurore municipalities, 10 comunes as Cukalat, Kutalli, Lumas, Otllak, Poshnje, Roshnik, Sinjë, Tërpan, Velabisht and Otllak.
Climate: Mediterranean plains, hilly pre-mountainous and mountainous.
Rainfall: 928 mm average.
Temperatures: from 7 degrees Celsius in January to 28 in July


Se, per alcuni di voi, il nome "Albania" richiama al massimo il vostro collega di banca, il vostro vicino di casa, gli amici dei vostri amici sparsi in tutto il paese, o anche spesso la cronaca nera e grigia dei telegiornali, si può ofrire un'altra versione di Albania, che possiamo presentare come "Il Paese diettro L'Angolo", un paese piccolo ma con una grande storia e  cultura, che ha molto da mostrare nei 28748 km quadrati.Albania conserva ancora oggi evidenti tracce di un antico passato che si estende ai profondi secoli aC, attraverso le civiltà illirica, romana e greca, diffuse in tutto il territorio.
Per capire un po 'della cultura di Albania dovrebbero essere visitate le città di Butrint (Buthrotus), Durrazzo (Durrachium or Epidamnus), Valona (Amantia), Scutari (Scodrinon), Apollonia (dove ha studiato L’Iimpero Augusto), Oriko (in cui si sono affrontati Cesare e Pompeo) che mostrano i valori di antichità, o città come Kruja, Berat, Argirocastro, per trovare le tracce del Medioevo ottoman. Da visitare il complesso delle torri nelle Alpi,  per poter capire la natura delle persone che popolano questo luogo, chiamato "Terra delle Aquile", c’e da conoscersi con le aguzze nature delle persone del Sud, dove la musica polifonica ti affascina e non ti lascia andare.
Questo piccolo paese, che è stato sempre qui, ma poco si sa per molti motivi o problemi di invasioni delle dittature, non solo dispone una sorprendente splendida costa smeralda, spiagge incontaminate o selvatiche baie rocciose. In ogni chilometro quadrato dove voi camminate, si trova un castello, le rovine di una chiesa o un monastero, un antico sentiero o le mura di una città antica. Sotto i vostri piedi, dorme una città da scoprire, per testimoniare fra gli scritti ricchi di storia, il desiderio di un paese coraggioso,  che non ha mai violato alcun vicino di casa che sempre lo ha aiutato quando e venuto alla porta per chiedere aiuto.
Albania è una destinazione turistica che vale la pena scoprirlo?
L'Albania ha una storia antica, anche se non sviluppata nel turismo, che va fino al V secolo aC, quando l'imperatore Giustiniano originario di Illiria, è venuto a Lin (Pogradec) a fare vacanze con la famiglia nei pressi del lago di Ocrida. Molte persone famose hanno visitato l'Albania nei secoli, e sono rimasti affascinati. Lord Byron, il famoso poeta inglese ha incluso l'Albania e il suo leader Ali Pasha, nel suo poema, " Chajld Harold ". Edith Dur'ham, giornalista e viaggiatore inglese, era innamorata con le Alpi albanesi e ha scritto il libro "La disperazione dei Balcani." I torri d’isolamento che hanno fatto tanta impressione alla giornalista, contengono una storia unica al mondo che non può essere lasciata in ombra, anche se si tratta di un problema molto grave sociale degli albanesi. “Giubleta”, il caracteristico vestito delle donne montanare, è un indumento che non può essere trovato in nessuna cultura del mondo, impossibile da riprodurla altrove, e inclusa nel Unesco. Piero Ghiglione, aiutato dalla casa editrice "Disaptur" ha scritto una guida turistica per le montagne albanesi negli anni '40 del secolo scorso, quando gli albanesi non hanno saputo valorizzare il loro paese come una risorsa turistica. Edward Lear, pittore inglese, ha viaggiato a sud del paese ed’e rimasto impresso. Oltre all'ospitalità, dote di tutti gli albanesi, lui non poteva non stupirsi con gli uomini del Sud o di Laberia, che erano vestiti come i kilt scozzesi e cantavano canzoni senza strumenti musicali. Questa musica strana che oggi ha preso posto in Unesco, è considerata come uno dei 50 ricchezze spirituali dei popoli del mondo. Molti personaggi noti in tutto il mondo, sono provenienti dall’ Albania, Madre Teresa era albanese, Stan Dragoti, James Belushi e Eliza Dushku anche, Robert De Niro rivela con orgoglio le sue origini lontane albanesi, per non parlare di dati recenti come celebre soprano nel mondo Inva Mula, pittore Ibrahim Kodra o di una figura amata anche oggi nel mondo dello spettacolo italiano come Kledi Kadiu o Anbeta Toromani. Molte volte l'arte albanese ha scritto le sue linee nella storia dell'arte mondiale, come il colore ben definito e unico dell’albanese medievale pittore Onufri, che ha prodotto un colore rosso, con sostanze chimiche che ancora oggi non vengono rilevati e conosciuti in pittura con il nome "Il rosso di Onufri", come è conosciuto nel mondo della moda "Il rosso Valentino"
L’architettura unica di città come Berat e Gjirokastra, hanno occupato le menti di molti dei visitatori già numerosi che hanno messo piede li, come dall’altra parte sono rimasti affascinati da Butrinto, la città fondata da Enea, chiamata “La nuova Troia”. Le città o le cittadelle di molti secoli, sono state costruite da uomini inamorati, lasciando tracce profonde non solo nella memoria ma anche nei cuori della gente. Butrint fu costruita da Enea per l'amore di sua moglie, Antigonea è stato costruito dal re dell'Epiro, Pirro, per l’amore della moglie Antigona, Ali Pasha ha costruito a Porto Palermo in Himara, un castello in onore della sua bella moglie Vasiliqi. Molti castelli o cittadelle portano leggende uniche come quella di Rozafa a Scutari, dove viene sacrificata una madre che allatta il bimbo nelle mura del castello in costruzione, per la protezione delle persone, e che la sua resistenza si rinforzi. Argjiro in Argirocastro (che ha anche dato il nome alla città), si e buttata sulle roccie, dove si trova oggi il castello, per non cadere nelle mani degli invasori ottomani, che è stato considerato come una perdita di onore.
L'Albania è probabilmente uno dei pochi paesi al mondo che in una cartolina turistica, offre tutto ciò che possiede, in pochi chilometri quadrati. In una breve visita di un giorno, si possono visitare almeno tre castelli, (Kanina, Porto Palermo e Himara), visitare alcuni monumenti e musei della città (Valona), fare alpinismo (Llogora) farsi un tuffo in mare (Palasa, Dhermi, Himara), e visitare due grotte grandi (Pirata e Haxhi Ali). Solo per una tale esperienza indimenticabile, è necessario conoscere da vicino l'Albania, il "Paese delle Aquile" che negli ultimi anni ha già presentato la sua offerta turistica come un amore mediterraneo.
L’Albania e una terra da amare. In questo piccolo paese del Mediterraneo, la natura vergine e misteri culturali si uniscono per creare il senso di un luogo unico. Dalla pura neve Bianca delle montagne ai campi rossi di papaveri in primavera. Il paesaggio  Albanese e in continua evolizione con le stagioni, ofrendo ai visitatori una calda vacanza al mare d’estate o un trekking di montagna impegnativo durante l’altra stagione.
In Albania i visitatori sono accolti come veri ospiti, parte della ricca tradizione culuturale del paese e del suo patrimonio. La calda ospitalita degli albanesi fa sentire tutti a casa in questa piccola meravigliosa terra. Conosciuto come “Il paese delle Aquile” (Shqipëria in Albanese), il paese dell’ Albania ha una lunga storia del turismo che risale al tempo dell’Imperatore Giustiniano. Al interno di un piccolo territorio l’Albania offre una gamma stupefacente di ambient naturali, tra cui dodici parchi nazionali, che hanno tutti qualcosa di unico. La costa Albanese offer ai visitatori una fuga  di acque calme e tranquille, riparata dai venti, che lo rende un paradise per i bagnanti. Anche se e piccolo, l’Albania offer una vasta gamma di natura da esplorare. Ci sono molte bellissime spiagge, montagne spettacolari, vali fluvial, grandi canyon, foreste ricche di flora e fauna, laghi grandi e piccolo )alcuni dei quali sono unici nei Balcani) e tante altre sorprese per i visitatori.
La cultura e la storia sono impressionanti, offrendo cosi molto ai turisti. Butrinto, nel sud dell’Albania, fa parte del programma di patrimonio mondiale, protetto dell’UNESCO ed’e apprezato come uno dei luoghi piu meravigilosi della terra, pieno di mitologia e atmosfera mistica. Il sito si trova al centro di una giungla mediterranea ed e stato costruito in uno stile dell’antica Troia. Due alter citta protette dall’UNESCO sono Berati e Argirocastro.
L’Albania e orgoliosa di ospitare una vasta gamma di siti archeologici, castelli, fortificazioni illiriche e medievali, chiese e monasteri bizantini e del period postbizantino.
Non si puo lasciare l’Albania senza prendere un souvenir sa questo paese cosi pieno di tradizione. Prodotti tipici albanesi si presentano come esempi delle tradizioni del popolo Albanese, che si esprime si mantiene di generazione in generazione. Queste opere artigianali sono realizate in diversi materiali come la lana, legno, rame, argento, oro, ceramic, ecc., e sin dai tempi antichi, l’artigianato artistico e componento importante della cultura Albanese. I vestiti di lana tradizionali come il “shajaku” (lana pressata) mostrano questo patrimonio  con la sua arte anche elegante, i cui ricami d’oro e vari fili d’argento, sono unici.

 Materiale preparato da:
Flora Xhemani Baba
Edlir Vokopola
Informazioni:Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo
Viale “Muhamed Gjollesha”Ex-casa editrice “8 Nëntori”
Tel/Fax: +355 42 260 224
; www.albaniantourism.com
; www.albaniantravel.info

January instead return snowfall, are you ready for your holiday in Dardh & Voskopoje south albania 2012

After days of sunshine and good weather to early January instead return snowfall. Thus, the eastern area is included as of midnight Friday by lower temperatures and debaora, which has caused problems in road axes, Boboshtice Pears, Voskopoja and Liqenas. These axes are only passable with chains. Bad weather has also left without electricity three district municipalities of Korca, 24 hours, Moglice, Lozhan and Miras. Thickness of snow, in Pears and Voskopoja reported to have gone to 20 centimeters. While in the northeast of the country, even though they have resumed snowfall situation is less problematic. Low intensity rainfall have led to the thickness of the snow reaches 10 centimeters in the affected areas, mainly in the region of Kukes. But, in some touches road axes of the area, such as Kukes-Qafe Prush, Kukes-Krum and Bajram Curri is necessary the use of chains because of the ice sheet. Not yet reported any isolated village. Meanwhile, according sinoptikaneve, low temperatures, heavy snow and rain will continue throughout the coming week, excluding this Sunday, where there will be a slight improvement of the weather.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Skiing in Albania: Valbona Valley winter experienc 2013

It’s that time of the year again, when ski enthusiasts look for the next best ski resort. Unfortunately, Albania doesn’t have ski resorts – it does, however, have excellent ski opportunities, and one of the best and most scenic of all is the beautiful Valbona Valley, in the Tropoja District of Northern Albania.
Valbona Valley in the Spring - still good ski conditions.
Skiing in Valbona Valley is a discovery journey. Tourists don’t flock here from all over the world – there are no ski lifts to take you up the peak; and no maintenance vehicles on the slopes. But there is a national park, Valbona Valley National Park (Parku Kombëtar i Luginës së Valbonës) – a wild mountainous region, with rich history, and traditions waiting to be discovered. It is a place where travelers are welcomed with a smile, and with the warmest human generosity you’ve ever imagined.
Valbona Valley is a year-round destination, however, winters are more scenic, and wilder – ideal for those with an adventure spirit. The village of Valbona is secluded, with few lodging possibilities for travelers, no stores, post office, doctors, gas station and so on. People here depend greatly on the earth for subsistence, farming the earth and breeding animals for food. Most people still don’t have running water in their houses, and you can only imagine that other “luxury” amenities such as showers are missing as well. In other words, what you will experience in Valbona is authentic Albanian country-life – in all its beauty, and with all its ups and downs.
If a Journey to Valbona tempts you, you can stay at Alfred Selimaj’s Rilindja hotel, where the restaurant serves up traditional Northern Albanian fare, including whole goats roasted on a spit. There’s a camping on site as well, charging only 5€ per person per night plus expenses for electricity and other services.
Another option, as interesting, is the Quku i Valbonës (‘Valbona Hollow’) guesthouse – a unique experience as well, where guests are treated with delicious traditional meals cooked with fresh ingredients grown at the farm. The prices are mind-blowing: 15€ per person, per night with breakfast; and 25€ per person, per night with 3 meals. Top make the offer even more appealing, 10% discounts are available for anyone staying for 5 days or more during the high season (1 June through 30 September); and 10% discounts for all during the off-season. Aside these two beautiful options, there are 7 other Guesthouses in Valbona, and three other hotels are planned for the near future.
Valbona Valley featured image, courtesy Discover Albania on Facebook; all other images, courtesy Journey to Valbona – the best site for all things Valbona, written by Catherine Bohne..

Nikaia e lashte Ilire-Klos(Mallakaster), Albania. new places to visit in Albania this year 2013

Nikaia Klos)
The ancient city of Klos (Nikaia) it is situated in the proximity of Byllis (ca.1 km), with a wall about 1850m long, covering an area of ca.18 ha.

The wall represents one of the earliest fortifications of the second half of the 5th century B.C. in Albania, being 3-3.5m wide, with polygonal and trapezoidal blocks. There is a single entrance to the city and three defensive towers. Among the most important monuments are the small theatre, a stoa, and the traces of a stadium. The theatre had a capacity of ca. 800-1000 spectators and has preserved also 14 citizenship-granting inscriptions, dating to the 3rd century B.C. The stoa was long 40m and 10m wide, being a simple one story building. Life in Nikaia ends abruptly in 167 B.C., when the army of Paulus Aemilus ravaged Epirus
and parts of Southern Illyria.This town was built in the second half of the fifth century B.C., on the slanting slopes of a hill and connects to Bylis through a pass.

The surrounding wall, which is 1850 m long and 3-3.5m wide, encompasses the hill with a surface area of 18 ha. Three defense towers are located next to the only entrance of the town. The town contains the archshaped theater, which was built on a rock formation with a capacity of 800-1000 seats. Fourteen decrees for granting citizenship are engraved on the surrounding walls of the theater. They date back to the second half of the third century B.C. The stoa (with an open side of pillars) is partially excavated and shows a length of 40 m and a width of 10 m.

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Një sëre afreskesh nga më të rendesishmet të pikturës post-bizantine shqiptare, të pikturuara me mjeshteri te rralle nga Onufri jane dëmtuar rënde me qëllim grabitjen.

Persona ende te paidentifikuar kane tentuar te grabisin kishen e "Shen e Premtes", në fshatin Valas, të zonës së Shpatit, në rrethin e Elbasanit, duke shkatërruar pikturat murale të ikonografit të madh shqiptar, Onufri.

E ndertuar në vitin 1540, kjo kishe mbante vlera të rralla kulturore për periudhën e piktures mesjetare shqiptare.

Nga Forumi per Mbrojtjen e Trashegimise ne vendngjarje ka ardhur Artan Shkreli, i cili konstatoi se demi i shkaktuar ishte kolosal.

Duke krahasuar Onufrin ne Mikelanxhelon, Shkreli u shpreh me keqardhje se ky eshte nje dem i pariparueshem per kulturen shqiptare.

”Mund të mendojmë në një farë mënyre se kjo është Kapela Sistine e afreskëve shqiptare, nje nga skenat me te jashtezakonshme qe gjendet ne të gjitha manualet e artit mesjetar shqiptar. Mbi këtë bazë, u ndërtua dhe një pjesë e mirë e kostumografisë shqiptare të mesjetës”, deklaroi Artan Shkreli, i Forumit për Mbrojtjen e Trashëgimisë.

Nga ana tjeter, aktivisti i Forumit per Mbrojtjen e trashegimise dhe njekohesisht deputet i PS, Auron Tare, denoncoi kete demtim te rende te pikturave te Onufrit duke theksuar se ne nje vend europian, ministri i Kultures do te kishte dhene doreheqjen para nje situate te tille.

”Drejtoria e Trashëgimisë Kulturore duhet të reagojë me largimin e personave përgjegjës për këtë punë. Unë nuk mund të imagjinoj sikur të dëmtohet Kapela Sistene në Itali dhe ministri i Kulturës të mos japë dorëheqjen menjëherë për paaftësi”, tha Auron Tare, deputeti i Partisë Socialiste.

Kjo kishe eshte grabitur dy here brenda nje jave ne daten 30 dhjetor dhe ne 5 janar.

Pasi u denoncua vjedhja e pare nga banoret e zones dhe komuna e Gjinarit, policia nuk mori asnje mase per mbrojtjen e saj apo per identifikimin e autoreve, çka beri qe situata te perseritej dhe demi i shkaktuar tashme te ishte i pariparueshem.

”Ne si komunë, unë si kryetar i komunës kemi lajmëruar policinë, e kemi bërë problem tek prefekti, tek Ministria e Kulturës, pasi kjo kishë është e 1540-s. Fatkeqësisht, asgjë nuk u bë për ta mbrojtur dhe dëmi është kolosal. Specialistët të gjejnë përgjegjësit”, tha i kreu i Komunës së Gjinarit, Kristaq Shqau.

Pikturat e rralla murale te cilat pervec skenave religjioze mbartnin edhe aspekte te jetes se perditshem shqiptare kane bere nje revolucion ne pikturen kishtare mesjetare.

Keto afreske kane qene te pamundura te grabiten nga muret e kesaj kishe shekullore pasi nga goditjet ato jane therrmuar.

Sipas specialisteve, punimet e kryera me fije kashte nuk mund te zhvendosen pasi ato therrmohen dhe shkaterrohen teresisht.

Qe prej vitit 2007, objekteve te kultit iu hoq mbikeqyresi i cili paguhej nga shteti me 3 mije leke te vjetra. Ato u lane ne meshire te fatit dhe vlera te rralla kulturore mijeravjecare tashme nuk ekzistojne.

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Offer & Low-cost holiday in impressive experience in the Snow and traditional foods of Dardhe, Korce-Albania 11-12-13/01/2013 all included

Snow and cold, the right place to spend your holiday in Albania Winter 2013 ....

To spend Christmas and New Year in a place covered in snow is the right choice. Every year in Albania winter holidays are taking on a large scale, and politicians to ordinary people Voskopoja remains the favorite.
Smooth and white nature is the main reason that attracts hundreds of Albanians to pass end holidays in Voskopoja. For several consecutive year southeastern country continues to be the preference of many Albanian families that choose the cold and snow adventures to switch parties different from the usual ones. In Voskopoja has several high-quality hotels, which offer many different prices for couples but also for families with children. So, a few days in Voskopoja not go more than 50 thousand for a normal family including attitude, accommodation and eating out. In the southeastern corner of the adventures ranging from skiing to mountain walks completely covered by snow. "Traditional cuisine with organic foods is another reason that encourages tourists to take again path Voskopoja. During the winter the local favorite dishes remain roasted meat, Lakrori and pickles. Forests are the right place for hunting lovers "are some of the reasons that advertise locals to make the holidays in Voskopoja. Southeastern city is about 20 km from Korca. Although snowfall totals around 50 cm, borëpastrueseve intervention has made the road passable even without chains.

Albanian Alps, the challenge for the holidays "adventurous"
 Facing the cold, snow thickness knee, ski over craggy mountains are some of the challenges that can only be found in the Albanian Alps. Last years holiday interests in these areas were high, so that many of the hotels have begun to increase prices. However, the offers are too tempting ranging from 40 thousand for a family of up to 100 thousand depending on the days of stay. Vacations in the area offer variety and adventurous Albanian picturesque landscape attracts visitors, but also foreign. For some tourist companies in the Capital Winter tourism is spreading rapidly and Alps area are preferred. For these companies every year there is an increase of tourists and this year is expected to bring even more of this and because of the departure of the snow in December and the holidays are the best time to rest. Distinguished Alps and many animals are in the area and often a lot of tourists enjoying a few moments with wild animals of snow.
Dardha, your country is turning into a gem
A remote village that a normal day no more than 40 people, but in the holiday village overfill by visitors. Many famous people, but also simple see Dardha as ideal place to rest a few days. In this period, the village of remote overfill snow which turns the hills and mountains in white highlight. Pears is a mountain village between the mountains and forests, a rare natural beauty. 20 km southeast of Korca at an altitude of 1 344 m, Pears offers a healthy climate of fresh air. Winter sports, especially skiing, attract tourists enthusiast. Name Pear (pear fruit) comes from a legend, according to which, it is said that the expatriates stay in an area around a pear tree and called down pear fields. road to the remote village is reconstructed by making it easy a soothing ride and away from any disturbance. Recently hotels which offer tourist services are added and prices were reasonable. Some days do not go pear more than 50 thousand for each simple or rich families.
from ; Ndriçik çaka

Ski and snowboard for the 2013 winter holidays in the Alps of Albania

Can choose Thethi, Voskopoja, Dardha or Razmën. And if you are passionate about the sport of skiing can get services from professional tours in Mount Korab Jezerca or. Choosing

is yours
 Albanian tourism promotion institutions say they are making improvements in the infrastructure of some mountainous areas, while legally guaranteed tax incentives, such as tax exemption for eight years for each investment made for this purpose
 Snowboard, ski, mountain hiking, traditional dishes can be a choice for the winter holidays. And if you are in doubt for the destination you choose, or neighboring Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro,
then this is not just a matter of budget. Recently have become attractive tourist packages at economical prices, due to the economic crisis is becoming more severe.
Neighbors have increased aggressiveness and fight for offers "low cost" is strong. Just a few days ago, Macedonia introduced a lucrative marketing campaign Albanians.
But local winter tourism should not count the competition that comes from the outside, as in fact it is non-existent. Experts and market operators talk about tourism that is in strands,
that there is a genuine product, which takes place on an individual basis and that almost never promoted. On the other hand, the Albanian tourism promotion institutions say they are making improvements in the infrastructure of some mountain areas
while legally guaranteed tax incentives, such as tax exemption for eight years for any investment carried out for this purpose.
These are not the only problems, as is that of the lack of statistics for this tourist segment.
It is not known how many of the visitors who use winter destinations that offers not only nature, but also private business in Albania.
What we can say with certainty is that entertainment options are not lacking, even find economical prices. Tropoja may be one of the destinations.
A person can spend the night in the an alpine room with 15 euro, by heating with wood and completely bio food.
Promotion casual
 When asked experts and tourist operators for winter tourism trends will be this year, they say this kind of tourism is in its infancy and is so sporadic that we can not talk to a crystallized product,
which can be made studies about the effects that can have different factors. Director of the agency "Albania Holidays", also an expert in the field of tourism, cited as the main destinations of mountain tourism,
where there are several developments and investments private businesses, Voskopoja, Dardha, Llogoranë, Thethit, Valbona, Razmën and Dajti mountain. In these areas, he says, provided mainly merely accommodation and food.
"Even these structures suffer from the disease of early Albanian tourism is the lack of entertainment in and around the center. Lack the necessary facilities like indoor pools those health tourism, jacuzzi, Turkish baths, sauna,
wellness, sports facilities, those passing free time skiing, bowling, tennis, mini-golf, billiards etc.. All of these would complete this product, would make it more competitive with other tourist options in the country, but also with similar products in the region, "says Mr. Gerxhani.
In Albania, accommodation facilities that offer mountain tourism has different prices depending on the investments made. A man can find very economical prices (20 euro accommodation and breakfast included) if you choose to stay in the homes of local residents (Guesthouse), as Theth,
Valbona, Voskopoja. A bit more expensive (two-threefold higher prices) if you choose hotels that offer quality services Pear, Razëm or trenches. The head of the agency "Albania Holidays", says that this kind of tourism is mainly preferred by locals,
because this product still needs to be filled, to be competitive with other countries in the region. He also needs more marketing to become known.
"There are improvements in infrastructure in some areas, such as path Voskopoja, Valbona (which is open but is not paved), she Razmës and Pass, but it is necessary that these off road in western standards
(Because they are used more during the winter, when weather conditions are more difficult) and all open and exposed roads that lead to other destinations beautiful country as Lura, Vermosh, Mount Tomori Skrapar , Përmet etc..
But we have not yet invested in the ski tracks. The state should play a very important role in the stimulation of these investments, but also in promoting investors to express interest in this area, "says Mr. Gerxhani.
And in these circumstances, it is difficult to say that compete with neighboring countries, to some extent maybe just the price.
Neighboring countries not only offer relaxation mountain tourism with all the facilities, but also active mountainous, predominantly white or one ski tourism.
Albanian tourism promoted very little in general and not a specific strategy, and mountain tourism as a new product even less. "The government started to recognize this tourism initiative it took to remove all taxes for those who invest in mountain tourism.
I think the main good of this movement was merely bringing attention to the importance of the tourism development in our country, where two-thirds of the area are mountainous area, "says the head of the agency. To develop tourism expert of this segment through fiscal incentives,
but not previously prepared a strategy (clearly specifying what and how should be developed) may have negative effects, as can be chaotic development that has occurred in coastal areas.
Foreigners, more winter tourism
The presence of some hotels "endemic" in Razëm, Voskopoja, Pear, trenches etc.., Is inferior to define this as a winter tourism in Albania. The head of the agency "Outdoor Albania",
Gent Mati, says the Albanians do prefer winter tourism neighboring countries. During the winter months, the agency organizes ski-climbing expeditions starting at 400 euro per week and daily excursions with snow missiles
(Snow-shoes) with departures from Tirana, starting from 25 euros a day.
According Genc Mat, ski-hiking exercised exclusively by foreigners, as the necessary technical, material and exceptional experience for this type of activity somewhat extreme. Excursions with snow missiles, can attend anyone, to dominate domestic visitors.
Infrastructure in these areas are counted only a few private initiatives in the hotel, said Mr.. Mati, has not changed.
Comparison with neighboring countries such as Macedonia or Kosovo is almost impossible, and if so, can be said about the competition. "Each of Albania's neighboring countries, including Kosovo has over two ski centers equipped with complete infrastructure,
as in hotels and in plants. Not to speak after a winter tourism tradition Indeed, over the 30-year-old, already consolidated. For years we did not compete, but only supply neighbors with clients and income. "
Gent Matin, if we talk about winter tourism in Albania, in fact it comes to restaurants and hotels, which provide heat and conditions for hosting clients and winter.
But according to him, this is not today's winter tourism, the holidays should be diverse and dynamic.
"Major projects needed to establish proper ski stations, which would allow the existence of winter tourism in Albania with European standards. Despite their absence we continue to promote the Albanian mountains at home and abroad "
says the head of the "Outdoor Albania". During the winter, the agency will conduct an international meeting for extreme skiers in Valbona, "V-FREE" (Valbona Free Ride Experience), given the rising demand for our expeditions in the Alps.
For a joint product
While tourism operators talk about mountain tourism is mostly sporadic, institutions dealing with the promotion of this field talk about untapped potential and measures are being taken to promote it.
National Tourism Agency, Albania offers a range of options to exploit this type of tourism, and year after year, the situation has changed in favor. Under the leadership of the institution, improved infrastructure,
in some areas the roads have been rehabilitated and this has helped in shortening the distance. Another advantage that they list is the decision that the government has taken to ease the fiscal burden investment in mountain areas,
exempt from taxes for eight years before. AKT leaders, Albania is intended to provide an extended tourist season throughout the year and this is guaranteed by several advantages.
Infrastructure is improving (rehabilitation of roads, electricity and water supply) is creating new destinations that were not accessible before. On the other hand, say the leaders of AKT, exemption from taxes creates competitive advantages for new investments,
not only by locals but also foreigners. Another advantage is the natural diversity, bio food, traditions and customs that make them distinct mountainous areas, such destinations Valbona, Theth, Pears, Voskopoja, Kukes, Razma, Këlcyra etc..
Geographical position that allows country destinations achievements in short time. On the other hand, we compete, say leaders of AKT at favorable prices. Accommodation, food and transport costs low for tourists. But despite these advantages,
Albania can not compete only against neighboring states who enjoy not only long experience, but also modern infrastructure and quality.
National Tourism Agency, the region is collaborating running. This means that a foreign tourist, through concrete projects, allow several-day stay, various regional destinations, in order for him to obtain effective visits
and become familiar with the culture and services. What is acknowledged by officials is that the lack of investment in the nature of mountain tourism, ski centers or resorts are becoming a concern for sustainable development of the tourism.
A winter guide
Wide spread of mountain landscapes, which account for two-thirds of the country's area, does that offer numerous opportunities for tourist activities, which take place in these areas.
Key areas for the development of winter sports item is Mountain Voskopoja, in Korçë. Here is a "ski tracks" where the national championship races. One other track is that of Bigëllit in Bonoshticë.
Winter sports can be developed in areas such as Razma, Boga, Theth, Shishtaveci, Grabova, Pears, Biza etc.. Trekingu and develop mountain climbing mainly in verse Çikës, but also Kurveleshit area.
The most interesting route would Dukat-Tërbaç-Vranisht-scat-Kudhës-Qeparo. For this type of activity can take advantage spots such as Vermosh, Thethi, Razma, Boga, Valbona etc.. Tomori mountain lying in the districts of Berat and Skrapar Vithkuqi, Voskopoja, Drenova in Korçë District, Stone of wealth in Pogradec District, Llogara to Vlora District, Korabi Radomir district of Debar, Gjinari in the District of Elbasan, Dropull area Drinos Valley in the district of Gjirokastra Borsh route-slime that permeates Kurveleshin others.
In rivers and numerous mountain streams, sport fishing is a pleasure in itself. Appropriate areas of natural beauty for this type of activity are Valbona valley, the river Thethi River Shale in the Albanian Alps, upper valleys Vjosa etc..
Other recreational activities are mountain bikes, which can be developed in Alps area (Theth, Vermosh etc.).
When all are suffering the effects of the economic crisis, neighboring countries such as Montenegro and Macedonia are increasing efforts to attract more tourists, with economic packages.
For the winter months, provided that foreigners spend over 200,000 net positions. Northern neighboring country, numbering 32 hotels in ski resorts, which have the capacity to accommodate over 2,000 people.
Along the coast, the number of hotels is estimated at 65, with a capacity of over 8,000 people.
Tour to ski
The most appropriate time to practice this sport is from November to April. An interesting route you suggested for skiing or sliding snow rocket would be in the mountains of northern Albania:
 Magazine Monitor
Mountain surroundings Jezerca
(2,625 meters)
Valbona suburb
Rosie Peak (2,524 meters)
Mount Korab (2,751 meters)
the highest peak in Bangladesh
In southern Albania

Tomori Mountain (2,416 meters)
Mali Nemërçka (2,489 meters)
Ostrovica mountain (2,383 meters)
 By Elona Bedalli

Winter Tourism 2013 Voskopoj - Albania right place for winter holidays

"Voskopoja is a small mountain village in southeast Albania, thirteen miles from Korca. Keeps track of a prosperous past, including eight of the ancient Byzantine-style churches and monasteries. "This is the description that made ​​this country by the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica". But beyond superlatives that go to this place, it is most important that this paper invites all tourists to turn the face of our country and enjoy its beauty for the winter holidays. Thus, Albania is again at the center of services for tourists. Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" place our midst one of the European destinations where not only can spend pleasant winter holiday, more and with very economic prices. While besides economic reasons, snow and ski, order papers and attractions that can be found in these places, where singling resort of Voskopoja in Korçë, it speaks of Orthodox monasteries and Byzantine churches that you can find there.
"From Albania to Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Eastern Europe should be to stop all those who worship the snow and ski weekends. Here you can save without making many sacrifices ", quoted in the newspaper" La Repubblica ".

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10 reasons to visit Albania in 2013-n

Read 10 reasons why you should visit Albania in 2013. If heading, certainly will return with more reasons. Is a delightful for turistëtm, but patience is required.
On a recent visit, many residents complained that the country should have walked faster. For tourists it is a reason to visit, before the buses filled with tourists to discover the secret beautiful places and returned with many destinations.

10. natural beauty
Albania is bleak beauty, wild and desolate, from the Alps in the north to Lake Koman or bait and the Adriatic beaches or Jon.

9. cultural property
The place is filled with ancient relics, the most famous is Butrint, which is protected by UNESCO. Less explored is Apollonia, once the port of Korinthias but the water is withdrawn and is now land. Then come the historical cities Berat and Gjirokastra, with unique Ottoman architecture, which is also protected by UNESCO.

8. contrast

 Fascinating part of Albania are its barriers to achieve the progress of the 21st century. Communism is dead and conspiracy theories come from his absence and Albanians have rushed to embrace capitalism. In the capital, Tirana, is hard to find someone without a mobile phone.
7. tradition
6. people friendly
5. safe
4. diversity
3. adventure
2. time
1. Affordability /
Hoteleri - Turizem "Albania"
DISCOVERY and LOVE ALBANIA. Krijuar për t'ju njohur Shqipërinë Turistike ashtu si nuk e keni pare asnjëherë. Mendoni sikur e njihni, keni dëgjuar për te dhe vendet e saja përrallore. Shqipëria nuk kujtohet vetëm në zemër, ne ju japim mundësin qe te njihni arteriet HISTORIKE qe shtrihen ne token Shqiptare. Te gjitha informazionet gje do lexoni ne kete artikull i jeni ne linkun tone ; http://hoteleriturizemalbania.blogspot.it/

Album Online
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EXPLORE ALBANIA kryen udhëtime nëpër të gjithë Shqipërinë. Në këto udhëtime njerëzit njohin natyrën tonë të virgjër, malet, liqenet malorë, shpellat, pyjet, lumenjtë, historitë e legjendat dhe shijojnë ushqimin BIO të zonave të ndryshme.

Dajti Ekspres “Teleferiku”

Teleferiku është një veper tepër unikale, jo vetëm se është i pari investim i këtij lloji në fushën e turizmit, të rekreasionit, te mbrojtjes së natyrës dhe biodiversitetit, por edhe nga fakti se si rrugë ajrore, për trasport njerëzish ai ka specifikën e vet.Kjo jo vetëm për kompleksitetin e makinerive dhe pjesëve përbërëse, por edhe për mënyrën e të dimensionuarit të stacioneve të sipërm e të poshtëm, të kullave mbështetëse, që u nënshtrohen forcave të mëdha tërheqëse, përkulëse dhe shtypëse.

The Awaking Beauty of the Albanian Mountains! They offer an image of untamed beauty that is coming so rare in the world of global travel. Valleys in a beautiful mosaic of forests, pastures, springs framed by high peaks capped by snow until late summer spreads across them.

albanian-mountains.com has the biggest database of information for these areas in Albania and offers you the possibility to find "Destinations", "Activities" and "Inns" that interests you. TURISTIKE
  • Në vendin e shqiptarëve

    Në vendin e shqiptarëve
    Udhëtim 7-ditor për njohjen e historisë dhe kulturës së Shqipërisë, në të cilin përfshihet edhe vizita e tre qendrave që ndodhen nën mbrojtjen e UNESKO si pjesë e trashëgimisë kulturore botërore. Koha e udhëtimit:...
  • Shqipëria me vendet kufitare

    Shqipëria me vendet kufitare
    (Mali i Zi, Kosova dhe Maqedonia) Në këto 2500 vitet e fundit peizazhi kulturor i brigjeve detare te Adriatikut dhe Jonit mban gjurmët e fuqive më të më dha të të gjithë kohrave, duke filluar me ilirët e duke vazhduar me...
  • Udhëtime shtegtimi dhe zbulimi përmes natyrës së bukur shqiptare

    Udhëtime shtegtimi dhe zbulimi përmes natyrës së bukur shqiptare
    Bazuar në potencialet e saj natyrore Shqipëria ofron mundësi shumë të mira për organizim e udhëtimeve shtegtuese dhe zbulimore. Shumë prej këtyre udhëtimeve mund të organizohen edhe në kombinim me vendet fqinje, Kosovën,...

Guide & Paketa
Thethi-Guide nepërmjet këtyre tureve ju ofron mundesine të njiheni me një nga parqet kombëtare më të bukura në Shqiperi. Nepërmjet tyre ju ofrojmë mundësine të njiheni më nga afër me kulturën, historine dhe monumentet kulturore dhe natyrore më të bukura që ka Thethi.
Turi dy ditor
6,000 lekë për person

Vizite ne Kishen e fshatit te ndertuar ne vitin 1892, kullen e ngujimit dhe muzeun etnografik. 

Mëso më shumë 

Turi tre ditor
9,000 lekë për person

3 dite mes mrekullive natyrore te Thethit, shoqeruar me gatimet unike te zones. 

Mëso më shumë 

Turi kater ditor
12,000 lekë për person

Vizita ne te gjitha atraksionet natyrore te Thethit, pergjate kater diteve te qendrimit. 

Mëso më shumë 

Turi Theth-Valbone
9000 lekë për person

Tre dite te paharrueshme mes mrekullive te Thethit dhe Valbones. 

Mëso më shumë 
Organizata “NËNUJSAT” është themeluar që në vitin 1999 me mision, zhvillimin e turizmit nën-ujor. Nënujsat kanë një eksperiencë disa vjeçare në sportet e ujit, në zhytjen me polumbarë, në ekspeditat nënujore dhe në turizmin aventurë.
Nënujsat janë një ekip i specializuar në zhytjet me polumbar, në ekspeditat nënujore dhe turizmin aventurë. Shoqata zotëron logjistikën më të pasur në fushën e zhytjes me polu-mbarë, ekspeditave nën-ujore, filmimeve nënujë dhe fushimeve në natyrë, të cilat janë pjesë e pa-ndashme e ekspeditave tona.
Prej 8 vjetësh organizojmë shkollën e zhytjes me ploumbarë në Jal, Dhërmi dhe Sarandë, e vetmja e këtij lloji në Shqipëri, ku marrin pjesë me qindra të rinj dhe të reja nga Shqipëria dhe jashtë saj, të cilët diplomohen në sportin e zhytjes profesioniste. (*UDI).
Nënujsat janë partnerë të mirë dhe kanë eksperie-nca të mira të bashkëpun-imit me organiziatat më aktive në fushën e zhytjes sportive, mjedisit dhe turi-zmit aventurë si “Edukimi Sportiv & Aventurë” (ESA), “Aeronautika Shqiptare”, “Ekpedita Blu” në Vlorë, “Joni Blu” në Himarë, ”Miqtë e Detit” në Sarandë, Masmedia dhe Mjedisi, në Tiranë,etj.

Udhëtimi juaj
Në varësi të stilit tuaj, udhëtimin tuaj mund të shkojnë nga një turne të rehatshme dhe të mbajtur me dorë, në një formë të lirë dhe aventurë të egra! Shqipëria po bëhet tjetër "pikë e nxehtë" e udhëtimit evropian, por me siguri do Valbona dalin si perlë e saj. Nëse jeni të interesuar në ecje, në histori, në kulturë apo në lidhje me thjesht ndenjës, Valbona ka diçka për të provokoj dhe të kënaqur ju.
Ky seksion duhet të ju jap informata të mjaftueshme për të planifikuar udhëtimin tuaj, dhe as të udhëtojë në Valbonë në tuaj nëse ju jeni aq të prirur, ose të na ndihmuar: ne jemi të kënaqur të shikojmë pas dhe të ju udhëzojë në rrugën tuaj.
Në çdo rast: Enjoy! Ju jeni të vijnë në një vend të bukur.

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Nje dite rafting ne kanionet e lumit Osum

Rafting Albania
- Mbërritja gjatë paradites në Berat.
- Nisja drejt Kanioneve te Osumit. Udhëtimi zgjat 1 orë e 30 min(60 km).
- Mbërritja në mes të kanioneve dhe përgatitja për të filluar aventurën.Përgjatë udhëtimit jeta juaj ndryshon... (Lexo me shume)

Pyetje te Shpeshta Rreth Rafting

- Sa i rrezikshem eshte rafting?
- A duhet te kem pervoje ne sportin e rafting apo pranohen dhe amatore?
(lexo me shume)

Kush Jemi Ne

Albania Rafting Group është e vetmja shoqatë e e licensuar e sportit rafting në Shqipëri, anëtare e Federatës Shqiptare të Rafting dhe e vetmja me një staf të kompletuar profesionistësh.  (lexo me shume) 

Kushtet & Pajisjet 

Albania Rafting Group mund te shoqeroje ne Kanionet e lumit Osum deri ne 25 persona dhe keto ture zhvillohen gjate muajve mars, prill, maj, qershor.(lexo me shume)

Moto Tour Albania is established on bases of a broad experience, from many years in motorcycling, also in being familiar with the territory and culture of Balkan region in particular.
MTA tours will provide you with the chance to see and discover Albania off road and Balkan region as it was meant to be seen - on the back of a Harley-Davidson. Visiting mainly the capitals and main historical cities of this region, you will learn about its history and legends and also be able to enjoy and taste the traditional foods.
The motorcycles groups, participant in tours, will be between 6 and 12 riders. Each of them must be supplied with riding license.
All MTA tours will be supported by the vehicle 4x4, 6+1 persons, directed by a guide and a technician. Our support vehicle will serve to carry your luggage and any purchase you make and also there is room for a few friends or family members who are traveling with you but not using your motorcycle, but this number will be limited. The group will be guided by a Road Capitan, whose experience will serve to offer you a secured and wonderful journey. He will be the #1 rider in the group leading along the route and the last vehicle of the entire group will be the support vehicle.
The company also offers support for groups of more than 6 riders who wish to have a tour in destinations of their choice.
You are welcome to travel with us.