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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The first precipitation snow covered Voskopoja - Albania, bringing the first visitors for the winter season 2012-2013

Village resort known for its beauty with white attire, has attracted since the early snow lovers, who do not fear nor low temperatures these diëeve winter.

Visitors Voskopjes are from different areas of the country.

"We are from Kavaja, but we come here for the atmosphere and the wonderful attractions," said one visitor.

"We proceeds from Durres and chose Voskopoja once told us that there is a lot of snow and is a very beautiful place. U weariness little, but it vlejti because it is really very nice, "said another guests.

Tourist village Voskopoja, besides beauty, entertainment with snow enjoyed traditional dishes like pie and other foods with bio products produced in the village.

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