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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pogradec - Where autumn beauty can enjoy the beautiful autumn in Albania ....

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Pogradeci – më i bukuri i vjeshtës  on Saturday, 17 November 2012. Posted in Around
It is beautiful in every season, not in vain has inspired the greatest lyric poets of Albania to create masterpieces of Albanian literature. Multiple labels that has drawn on in the season in decades, have made Pogradec be a desirable city for all ages. It is nicknamed "qyeti flowers", "city of poetry" big load forgiving spiritual satisfaction to every visitor, whenever he visit him. We now will also mbiquajmë "autumn city" because of the multiple voting took Travel magazine poll, which was the most beautiful autumn city in Albania. And in fact, forgiving landscapes Pogradec in autumn are unparalleled, with a stunning beauty and elemetë to make you take a deep breath, or that are breathtaking. In all tourist areas surrounding Pogradec, starting from the entrance of Lake segment, along Pojskës (who does not share dot the city because of its continuity), to Tushemisht (who remains with the same city Therefore, it is in a line uninterrupted bregliqenore), including between lakeside promenade, especially Drilon gorgeous, nature plays endless games caprice bold colors. Rules a rust colored landscape, passing easily or yellow to deep red, causing phenomena in painting, which painters have already become emblems of their works, which identify them as artists. Landscapes of Drilon are pangatërrueshme with no other part of the nature of Albania, making unique appearance the Swans walk lax in source water, përkëdheluara attention from children and numerous visitors.
Pogradeci – më i bukuri i vjeshtës   
Visit Pogradec autumn means to become an artist, give yourself the pleasure of unspeakable deep enjoyment of nature, which in this city is limited not only satisfying your eye. Definitely can not be removed from Pogradec without proving Koran cooked in a thousand ways, numerous restaurants, coupled with the famous wine vaults, Pogradec area has hers. Even the cult of wine on his special day, somewhere in the middle of winter, in December with a traditional celebration in the town square, where you can enjoy a different view of the city lake, it snow bardhësisë.
Autumn on the lake on Drilon, gives you another fun, it oxhakur heated, on which if you want can bake chestnuts and drink a glass of wine. Needless describe the satisfaction you will try in this case. If you ask our opinion, wonderful taste Pogradec autumn, will try better than anywhere else to Neli Resort, near Lin, grapes, along the road to Pogradec, and Swan, Drilon, three places where cuisine rarely join hospitality fjalëëmbël Pogradec and wonderful wines. In all three countries will be able to enjoy a different landscape of Pogradec, Albanian city more beautiful autumn.
But if you can spend in Pogradec in any other season, and you are unable to enjoy the city in the fall, then you should definitely make a visit to the studio of renowned photographer Ardi Fezollari, which has perpetuated his native city thousands of amazing photos, each more beautiful than the other, earning them national and international awards. Autumn Adit eyes, is a gift that can not deny yourself, especially for a city like Pogradec ...
Tirana is a city worth to visit even worth it to live in the autumn. Perhaps the magic of the past has been even more impressive, especially along Lana streets "Myslym Shyri", "Ismail Kamal" (street from the Prime Minister, to the Artistic Lyceum) and in the former block. But now, with the planting of trees in almost all the main roads in Tirana, autumn feels back in the capital, paving streets with reddish yellow leaves. It is unfortunate that heavy traffic of cars at all hours of the day and the evening does not allow full enjoyment of long walks on foot or on bicycles Ecovolis ecological throughput, because the beauty of autumn would be the most natural . Yet in certain areas of the capital, at the Youth Park, a small park near the Presidency, especially in large parkune Lake Artidicial, autumn is really nice. No doubt that its sweet time greatest are shëtitësit idle afternoon with a bag of popcorn in hand, everyone follows the slow decline gladly leaves, or followed by many runners look. Rainbow of autumn colors in Artificial Lake Park, Tirana sets the list of cities most beautiful autumn.
Korçë is hard not to talk about the fall. Perhaps because the Korca, being the city of serenades and love, can not be a beautiful fall. Main roads its fill from the leaves of verdhatë blireve a multi-leaf beets, which I go to reddish landscape beauty of the city, which has very good authentic architecture, with many red roofs. But even in the large city park, autumn sits cross-legged and keeps you from enjoying to the maximum. Imagine then if the evenings one can sit in one of the park benches with guitar in hand to have background colors of autumn, there would be no more beautiful landscape, to classify the Korca, as an Albanian cities fall beautiful. Despite the numerous villages of Korçë, as Voskopoja, Pears, Vithkuqi Liqenasi, Mborja, Drenova, almost all its villages, establish a wonderful fall that defies many times it Korca city remains a city with autumn to enjoy and that is the reason why you voted.
Berat is famous for its cultural values, architectural, historical and natural resources, which have left me speechless foreigners have become proud in centuries beratasit. But Berat is a beautiful city in the fall, especially in its historic area. Are almost emblematic sights Gorica Bridge in autumn, with the century turnip in the fall begin to seek permission to relax in during the winter, begin to fry the overthrow beautiful leaves. A tree so proud of the plane, there can not beautify the scenery of a city, which is nice for many other reasons. Once you pass the entrance of the city and enter the historic area, to the right of the road, on the Osumi River, the landscape is a real temptation to "oblige" to stop and make the picture even without drojtje to give the someone to fix the camera itself on the landscape, if you're alone. To date, rare are those who have survived this temptation. But if you have escaped the temptation to photograph, do not believe it would be against voter opinion magazine that Berat is a city with beautiful autumn ...
Shkodra is famous for its mountain areas, where autumn makes miracles. And how can not mention Theth, which is already famous in the world, not only with people but also with his fall makes them love. However Shkodra is a city on the shore of the lake, is the one in the fall, not less beautiful. Kundrosh lake and landscape Rozafa Castle, or even hills Zusit, which may involve under the castle look, is a real pleasure. All trees lake bed playing with autumn colors and it certainly focuses attention largest shkodrane or visitors to this season. But boulevard in piace, or recently the city's main roads, are densely populated with new trees that have started to donate ndrojtshëm their shows before, which definitely will expand over the centuries. Yes flasm for blirët, turnip wild chestnuts, in complete sync with other decorative trees Shkodra forgive and not only the most beautiful sights of the city of their loved one .. Travel

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