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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tirana Police has announced action plan on the eve of Christmas and New Year 2012. Policia e Tiranës ka bërë të ditur planin e masave në pragun e festave të fundvitit 2012.

According to police number two of the capital, was planned everything to stop the criminal events or those that affect public tranquility.

While the police has already passed in the service of strengthening, taking into custody all important facilities, including electrical substations or pools of water.

Deputy Director of Police of Tirana, Erzen Breçani requires care by people in the use of fireworks and driving.

"Tirana police planned measures and carry out thorough checks on all drivers who do not follow traffic rules, speed walk further norms or driving the vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages. These checks will be carried out mainly in late at night and during the nights that accompany the holidays, setting up control groups organized in different countries, both in town and in the lines. Police Directorate of Tirana, starting from the experience and analysis of the past year, requires understanding of citizens to be careful when using fireworks ", said vice Breçani.

As was announced the creation of elite autopatrullës service Eagle, which has a mission in addition to maintaining the security of the citizens, the agent konstatues verification in the field of road and for some minor offenses the role of the agent and judicial police officer.

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