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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Berat Municipality has recently completed pilot project for digitizing geo BERAT - Albania

Berat Municipality has recently completed project of digitizing geo BERAT. This is a pilot project in Albania and the region is implemented in Ohrid. We decided on the internet an integrated GIS platform (XHIS) along with programming language web site. In this platform we initially set up hotels, restaurants, attractions, events. The platform can be used to cast
online system any desired information, such as statistics, business indicators, etc.. Any information is associated with satellite positioning map from Google. The project could be extended to other municipalities of the county, Poliçan, Ure Vajgurore Skrapar, Kucove. GEO platform made ​​combines information written on images and geographic locations. Click gis.bashkiaberat.gov.al webpage to open the page.

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