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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guide Kruja Castle, Albania low-cost

Right from Marlen Kazani
On a rock hill in the place where crossed signals between Petrela, Preza, Rodon Clarendon, out of sight of observers dissolve until deep into the sea, there was built the castle of Kruja.
"Owner" of qutetit field, the sea coast it occupies a special position in the history of the Albanian nation, typical of medieval fortification in the way of water supply.
Metropolis qush in the state of Eve, with Skanderbeg return Kruja castle became the seat of the Epopee Albanian resistance against the Ottoman occupation. Her name and Skanderbeg became known throughout Europe at that time.
"Be treated to the example for all officials for all the people and let them crown your name a fame ameshueshme" - So lauded Scanderbeg and Kruja Republic of Raguzez 1452.
When the castle was built Kruja
Genesis Castle of V-VI centuries. Maybe it is related to the abandonment of the city Ilir Albanopolis, which Ptolemy mentions a city in the territory of Albania. Castle laid the foundations of the wall of an Illyrian settlement the third century BC.
Kruje name castle church mentioned in a document of the year 879 time when the city had the role of an episcopal center. Further constructions made since the late twelfth century castle take the form of full and has served as a center of Byzantine garrisons and governors.
During the Middle Ages SISEMI fortification of the castle is perfect rebuilt several times, especially after the three major campaigns Ottoman (1450,1466,1467).
powerful earthquake of the year 1617, as well as weapons of mass destruction by the Ottomans after printing that kruengritjes year 1832 brought major injuries castle. Some adjustments you made during the nineteenth century can not turn the old brilliance.
Overview of Castle
Castle Kruja has a view eliptikeme the surface 2.25 (ha), which strongly decreases from east to west.
Follows the perimeter wall rock ridges with a perimeter 804 m. These 1.5 m thick walls are reinforced with 9 round or rectangular towers, which are set in the most important parts: near the main entrance and near water sources. Pergjithsesishte towers were high with a diameter of about 15 m.
The main entrance of the castle is set by VL, while a second entry form tyneli is located in JP.
In the highest part of the hill to fotifikuar, XII-XIV century was built feudal headquarters. Near the ruins of this establishment are those of a church and clock tower rises.
The castle is inhabited. Egsistenca residents in Castle evidenced by early historical documents. Such a thing is evidenced by a decision of the Byzantine emperor Andronicus II Paleologos, who in October 1286 was rinjeh inhabitants of the castle old privileges and "... enjoy everything both inside and outside the castle."

Distanza between cities;
Kruje-Tirane 32 Km
Kruje-Durres 46 Km
Kruje-Rinas 22 Km

What can visit the citadel of Kruja?
History Museum
Home Home
Tunnel entrance
Clock Tower
Accommodating fortification of water resources
Hammam (baths)
Skanderbeg's well
Skanderbeg olive situated within the tekke and on the second gate of the city (secret)
All of these are taken from the booklet that gives information on this Kruja inside his own museum. Will be found in English and English in case that you will have a friend who does not understand Albanian.
For me personally these were very little information on this information, given that I had with me some foreign persons where all full wish them want to know this castle and its district.
Be careful when you start to these tourist spots, inform in advance for opening and closing schedules in lunch orarine because not all countries are open in the following hours. I say this because it happened to him personally that he was in and lunch hours in the castle museum was closed.

Looking to make any picture on the outskirts of the castle and waiting to open the museum, came across in a resident who lived in houses within the castle that had a small bankarele carpet that were produced by his family. this boy call Shkelzen Topliu is a resident of this castle, he in addition to his private activity tries to collate and clean the ruins of the castle of scrub, debris thrown by tourists rather than environmental. I can say that this guy about 30 was very loved by tourists who wanted to know the history of Kruja Castle from another point of view, is not to had been for Shkelzeni not know what else to say these foreign tourists by not found as a map of the castle with a dot of it. Thanks to him I could see the fortress with a different look, to visit public baths Turkish aunt for men women and children where you can see them illustrated with pictures to make it the following day.
If you want to know a Kruje castle shown by a guide (inhabitants of the castle) where it is grown and fed with information on this can be found in the corner of his close gabines guard or you can contact number 0685252180 and you Give an offer on the free at the end.

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