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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sazan Island to become part of the Mediterranean Islands’ network

sazani 2
The National Agency of Coastline is participating in a meeting organized by Conservatoire du Littoral to discuss on the creation of a network of islands located in the Mediterranean area with the purpose to have a sustainable development of the renewable energy in these islands and an eco-cultural tourism.
The NAC has been invited to present the tourism potential of Sazan Island, opened for the first time for tourists this summer. Once a military basis, Sazan Island is the only island of Albania and immediately draw the attention of Albanian and foreign tourists. According to the head of the National Agency of Tourism Auron Tare, the island will remain untouched and will be a ‘live museum’ of the communist era of Albania, a live proof of history.
Tare says the Agency is making efforts in applying modern management policies for the Sazan island and to implement projects in order to develop the renewable and solar energy in the island.
News source/photo credits: ATA
- See more at: http://invest-in-albania.org/sazan-island-to-become-part-of-the-mediterranean-islands-network/#sthash.Vs2PlOgC.dpuf

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