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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Low-cost to Hiking & Skiing 2 to 3 March/2013 in the city of Puka with Eksploruesit - "Albania Beauty"

.Hiking & Skiing 2 to 3 March in the city of Puka

Puke is the capital city of Puka district in northern Albania. At 835 meters above sea level, the city is one of the highest in altitude areas in Albania and is a popular area for skiing. Situated 140 km from Tirana (about 2 hours 30 minutes by car). City's first tracks found in ancient named Picarea, during the VI century - II PK, which was later destroyed by a barbarian invasion. The city has been njhohur named Pezhve later and has a tradition almost 2'000 years in resin sculptures. Remnants of this tradition are located in the quarter of the city and also the city is surrounded by a fabulous pine forest of a 400 hectare area, a factor that makes this area hiking gem where the images provided are stunning. Situated at the expense of the Alps, this country has been the host of the colossus Albanian letters Migjeni, where the school where he taught has become a tourist attraction. In short northern city is a gastronomic cultural turzimsit socket (where traditional culinary will be felt in every meal) and adventuresk - where hiking through snow and skiing will be the subject of our 2-day stay in Puka.
G u i d e !
Date March 2:
• Starting at 8:00 to "Mother Teresa" after traveling for 2 hours will make a stop at the edge of Lake Vau Dejes. Perla restaurant, we will have breakfast and coffee to legislate them sleep any gjumashi: P
Around 11:30 we reach the town of Puka where after sistemohemi through rooms, choose ski equipment is down in the area 2 minutes from eat to take the first ski lessons (as braking and Marj curves).
• At 14:30 will have lunch with traditional culinary area.
• At 16:00 will ask some options:
a) For ski lovers can ski down again
b) Courses for hiking lovers will be holding a special guide through the snow with rare footage panorameske
• For the afternoon we thought a tourist walk in the city and also some development policy "social game" called "energizers"
• At 21:00 we will have dinner while respecting the country's gastronomic tradition (with meat goat, offering, mishmash ajk milk and corn flour, etc etc).
• After dinner will be a party to Check Point: P, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and where the only lighting hall will be the light of the fireplace. For music? No worries, DJ and provided we have with them: D. The evening will continue until as "Last Mohikanve" be smart ☺

Date March 3rd:
• Not to be broken sleep in the morning: D at 10:00 we will have breakfast and where after coffee gjumashe: P, will receive a ski equipped but this time will spostohemi in a runway tjeëter (15 - 20 minutes away), to test if there are any undiscovered talent skier among us.
• At 14:00 hours we will have lunch.
• Once greet with the city, at 15:00 will be depart to Tirana.
• At 18:00 arrive in Tirana, love to sleep but filled with unforgettable memories ☺

We inform you that in order to have enough time available for preparations, reservations will be closed on Friday at 12:00.
You expect to spend a special weekend together ☺

PS from a trip mëpërparshëm (note not ours) to create an idea of ​​what fun awaits us this weekend: D. In our video will publish on Monday with key stakeholders you ☺

For more information you can follow us on our fan page on facebook.
Reservations can always be made to:
C: 0693771019
E: eksploruesit_albania@hotmail.com

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