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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Government to establish the State Inspectorate of Tourism

The new law on tourism, which will eventually replace the previous law on tourism that entered in force on 2007, foresees the establishment of the State Inspectorate of Tourism, as proposed by the government to parliament.
The focus of the new structure will be the transformation of Albania into a preferred touristic destination in regional and international terms and will establish a new annual active and social tourism model. The development of the tourism sector will be considered as a high potential part of the stable development of the country and a main goal will be the formalization and the standardization of the tourism industry.
Through this draft law, the Ministry of Tourism will finance promotion and educative projects, researches and new touristic products, proposed by judicial or physic Albanian or foreign personas.
According to this law, the immovable property which are owned by state or the local units and are located in areas of high touristic potential will be administered by the Ministry of Tourism within two months after they are classified as touristic areas. The Council of Ministers has the right to put in disposal state immovable properties in touristic areas to local units for investing projects. The immovable properties can be put in disposal for 99 years, through the EUR 1 scheme.
The fund will not be subject of the public procurement legislation and predicts the standards which will be used for the ranking of touristic subjects (travel agencies, restaurants and bars in touristic places, ect.)http://invest-in-albania.org/government-to-establish-the-state-inspectorate-of-tourism/

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