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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cape of Rodon: A castle, a clean coastline and an ancient legend It is the biggest cape in Albania and a “kept-secret” place

cape of rodoni

Cape of Rodon: A castle, a clean coastline and an ancient legend

Cape of Rodon is a strip of land bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the east and the Lalezi bay in the south. It is the biggest cape in Albania and a “kept-secret” place – until the past years when a group of young people built a social camp (but the beach is public for use) and they named it “Atlantid beach”. The cape is untouched by the human hand and is situated in a rocky ground and clay hills which surround the entire terrain of it.
Photo credits: royaldelezaj (Instagram)

The legend
According to the locals, the history of the cape and its name is linked with an old legend which says that “Redon was the official God of the Illyrian state and its portrait got immortalized as painting in temples and as symbol in coins used by Illyrians at those times.” Another legend suggests that “Redon was the Illyrian Sea Deity,” according to the Illyrian mythology.
The cape shelters an old castle which is known as “Scanderbeg’s castle”. According to the historians, the Skanderbeg’s Castle it is believed to be built by Scanderbeg in the mid-14th century and after his death the castle was administered by the Holy See of Vatican, in 1500. The castle was surrounded by four catholic monasteries, characterized by a Roman-Gothic architecture.
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Tourism in this area has been developing in slow steps in the past years and the Cape of Rodon has been one of backpackers’ preferable destination since it is a virgin and not-much visited beach. The seaside is full of small bays comprised by rocks that characterize Cape of Rodoni’s coastline. Divers discover a new underwater world into the waters of Adriatic sea in Cape of Rodon. As mentioned above, a group of young people have voluntarily established “Atlantid beach”- a modest beach bar and a number of small private tents.
Photo credits: aldahaxhia (Instagram)
Nowadays, the cape is included in the touristic guides of Albanian and international travel agencies and the number of foreign tourists that visit the cape is higher than the number of Albanians visiting it.
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cape of rodoni
Photo credits: aldahaxhia (Instagram)
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