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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sazani Island opens to tourists for the first time

Once a military basis, the last discovered island inside the Albanian borders, the Sazani Island has opened to tourists as a new touristic spot. The curiosity to visit the island has attracted 130 first tourists which visited it in its first official opening day on July 25th. The day after, the island welcomed 140 new tourists from Albania and Kosovo.
sazani island
Months ago, Primer Edi Rama had announced the transformation of Sazan military basis into a touristic, historic and cultural destination for Albanian and foreign tourists as the novelty of this year’s tourism season. The government decided the island to be self-funded by applying an entrance fee for all tourists who want to enter and visit it.
sazani island riviera Albania
This measure, according to the Director of National Agency of Coastline Auron Tare, will be applied with the aim at collecting revenues which will be used for managing and maintaining the island. The revenues collected by the tourist fee will also fund the establishment of a touristic center and a research scientific center.
“It is of a big importance that the island is self-funded since all the money collected from the entrance fee will be invested in restoring and maintaining the island,” declared Auron Tare.
News source/photo credits: ATA
- See more at: http://invest-in-albania.org/sazani-island-opens-to-tourists-for-the-first-time/#sthash.YpUFbE6k.dpuf

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