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Monday, July 6, 2015

Why did Albania steal my heart again

Why [did] Albania [steal my heart]? [again]

Osumi Rafting | Courtesy of Albanian Rafting Group
Because it has turquoise waters, inviting rapids, and the most beautiful canyon seen so far by me. [There will be times when pinching yourself – am I still in Europe? – will be a regular activity.]

Because when you leave water behind and head high into the mountains, there will be more wows bombing your speech. [And even when you’re low in spirits, there’s nothing like another ride in the mountains and another route to lift them back high.]
The stunning Albanian Mountains
Because you can go to sleep by the sea, wake up early in the morning to go sea kayaking or surf some waves, and then savour a light breakfast by the beach. [You’ll end up thinking ‘Wow! Was I really in that sapphire water?’ and feel the luckiest traveller alive when you look down at it from the imposing yet nearby cliffs!]
Because it is a land of adventures for all those keen to try rafting, kayaking, canyoning, mountaineering, offroading out. [Would you like me to make some recommendations?Albania Rafting Group – they’re the best!]
Because you have fun the old genuine way. [You laugh until you cry, you stop for breaks when you need them, you sing your lungs out, you have impromptu picnics, you play hide-and-seek...]  
Leaving Butrint
Because ancient elements are ubiquitous and finding yourself in Butrint, Berat, or Gjirokastër makes you wonder at the way in which these great treasures still remain hidden, far away from the fangs of mass tourism. [Mountain villages and giant fortresses alike will give you the feeling that time can indeed stand still.]
The cobbled stones of Berat Castle
Because traditional specialties and sweets linger on your mind for weeks in a row after having tasted them. [Candy girls will find it very hard to say ‘No’...]  
Because people are extraordinary: kind, warm, respectful, helpful, supportive... [Surely one of the most welcoming nations on the Globe.]       
Because you’ll feel sad and nostalgic when you leave. [The only solution to this will be envisioning and planning your return.]

And, like in all great and unexpected love stories, there are times when one lets go of old relationships and gives in to thrills, obvious beauty, and the truth in one’s heart despite having played hard to get.  

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