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Friday, November 16, 2012

Antigone district of Gjirokastra, revealed in glass stone ruins "mysterious"

In the ruins of the ancient city of Antigonea, in the district of Gjirokastra, was discovered yesterday a rare stone ring or medallion, archaeologists suspect that reflect the image of Pyrrhus of Epirus, riding a
Wheelchair battle in a fight instantly.
The discovery was made during the proceedings of the annual archaeological expedition "Antigone 2012" organized by the Institute of Archaeology at the Archaeological Research Center, in cooperation with
Antigone Archaeological Park, in sector G, pane No. 10. Engjellushe Serjani Antigonea Archaeological Park director, said today ATA, archaeological rare object is a glass stone, perhaps ring or medallion, on which is carved with an extraordinary finesse relief a picture of two horses and a warrior in the running
"It is too early to give an official version. This object requires time to be studied by archaeologists to
define dating, "says Serjani.
Antigonea lies in mountain slope Lunxhëria, at a place called delirium, burning place, with a
area of ​​90 ha. The ancient city named Pyrrhus first wife, Antigone, daughter of the king of
Egypt, Ptolemy.
This city, built in 297, has an architecture that resembles chess field. From south to north roads
primary, 7 m wide pavement on both sides.
Within the park are detected three churches early Christian period and a hat martirium, where there is a
very important mosaic, which belongs to late antiquity, depicting St. Christopher with the palm tree of Martyr
in hand, one of the earliest ikonografitë global classifications.
In early 2006, with a decision of the Council of Ministers, the ancient city Antigoneia host status
Archaeological Park.
received by ATsh

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