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Monday, November 12, 2012

Discovery & Travel to Grammata bay - Albania, located at the foot of the western slope of Karaburun

 Grammata bay, Karaburun

 Grammata Bay is located at the foot of the western slope of Karaburun. Bay served as a place of refuge for ships that were in difficulty along the dangerous coast in bad time. Originally served as an area of stone exploitation, traces of which appear today on both slopes. Grammata name is linked explicitly with engraved inscriptions in antiquity. They counted more than 1500 inscriptions, are the ancient Greek inscriptions and belong to the last centuries BC, followed by some Latin inscriptions imperial perriudhes. Ancient inscriptions in Greek language directed Dioskurve, beaver and Poluksit, who are saviors divinity, protection of seafarers and ships. The formula used specifies that the author of the inscription asks help Dioskureve for different people, family members, bashkeudhtare, bashkeskllever etc..
 Medieval inscriptions, written in Greek, are prayers that refer to Jesus Christ. Strange medieval document, presented by Henry Daum already, is that he shows that by 1369, the Roman emperor Johani V Paleologos is housed Grammata Bay, during a trip to Venice.

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