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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Giant cake for the 100th anniversary of Albania indipendence

From the day that Thursday has begun preparing giant cake for the 100th anniversary of independence. More than 40 people are working for pandispanjen, which is the first stage of realization of the cake; while the cream placement will be carried out on the night of 27 November watching 28 full 60 pasticiere. Vizion Plus has seen the preparation of cake, of 550 square meters that will weigh more than 13 thousand kg; requires an enormous amount of components; more than 2 thousand kg of flour, 3 eggs 800, about 1800 kg sugar and 500 kg pomegranate. There are national symbols, will have pomegranate and olive branch out as a symbol of peace. Hand hygiene department has started work on environmental clearance before the Theatre of Opera and Ballet, which will be located cakes;, and a staff of 50 people will commit to her partaking in on 28 November.
Municipality of Tirana has made ​​public some details of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Independence, among them will be huge cake of Independence, which will be with pomegranate flavor. This cake decoration will definitely be Albanian state symbols: At its center will be the eagle and the colors will be red and black. Also, an encoder element of this gigantic cake will be olive leaves - this is because of the symbol that bears this fruit. Prepare cake according to official sources of the Municipality of Tirana, will be done by tens pasticiere, who are offering so vullnetare.Padyshim that this cake, because of size, the ingredients needed for its preparation will have the multiplied, but such details are not yet completed. The cake will be placed on the steps of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet (TKOB), where it will be festive saj.Aktivitetet cutting ceremony by the City for the 100th anniversary of Independence will begin on 26 November. But on 28 November, when filled full 100 years since the declaration of independence, from 10-14.00 will develop the following activities: cake cutting ceremony TKOB Parachute throwing national flag, as well as setting the stage for concert afternoon. During the morning hours will be performances by Circus exhibition entitled 100 Years of Independence, as well as 100 animators show dressed in folk costume of characters associated with the holiday.

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