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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Albania has a Mediterranean climate, with lower regions almost never makes cold


Albania has a Mediterranean climate, with lower regions almost never makes cold. Specifically Ionian coast known for its temperate climate, with average temperatures in the winter are the values ​​8 - 10 º C. In Tirana and in other parts of the lowland cities in some cases sub-zero temperatures can go down, but this fact is usually during the night. It is rare that ice and snow to last more than a day. However, during the winter rains are common and in some cases quite dense. In most of the country a part of the precipitation occurs during late autumn and on the eve of spring. The latter with the exception of the mountains are quite rare during the summer. In mountain regions, snow could fall from November to March and winter in some areas may be more severe. Kukes mountain towns, Korca and bishops stand for cold weather during this time of year.
On the other hand during the summer on a good portion of the cities we are dealing with a hot summer. July and August are usually the hottest months of the year. In Tirana, in some cases, temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees C. Of course the best place to vacation in the summer when the coastline remains as a result of coastal winds are more moderate temperatures between 25 -30 degrees C. Very nice places to rest in the summer are the mountains. The best period for "sightseeing" remains spring and autumn. During these periods vegetation colors are very beautiful and attractive. During the evenings of spring is pleasant enough to enjoy a coffee in the hotel terraces in Tirana or coast. On the south coast during September and October can be warm and conducive temperature to swim in the sea.

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