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Monday, October 22, 2012

DESTINATIONS Eastern Albania

DESTINATIONS Eastern Albania

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Cultural Attractions
Museum of Medieval Art, Korça
The museum was established in 1980 in traditional buildings in Korça, which have the status of monuments of culture, not very far from the main boulevard. It displays 7,500 artifacts and art objects made of stone
Natural Attractions
Voskopoja is an important tourist attraction and a veritable gem in the crown of the Albanian landscape. The village is situated 20 kilometres away from Korça, 1,150 metres above the sea level.
Korça is the main city in South-eastern Albania. It is an interesting historical city with rich cultural traditions and fascinating buildings from the Ottoman period. The region has been inhabited from ancient times and has played a significant part in the expansion of Byzantine Christianity in Albania
Elbasan is situated in the middle of the country and is the third largest city in size. It is located 54 km from the capital and 82 km from the main port of Durres. Elbasan is an ancient settlement site at the intersection of east–west and north-south routes

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