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Monday, October 22, 2012

discovery Northwestern Albania

 discovery Northwestern Albania

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is the most important urban center of Northern Albania, renowned in the entire country for its rich cultural traditions. It is one of the largest cities in Albania, with a population of 110,000 inhabitants. Shkodra has a very favorable geographic position and can be considered as an 'entry port' both to the grandios
Cultural attractions
Rozafa Castle rises on a rocky hill to the west of Shkodra. It is surrounded by the waters of three rivers, Buna, Drini and Kiri. Rozafa is one of the major castles in Albania and the most important tourist attractions in Shkodra. The castle dates back to Illyrian times
Natural attractions
Shkodra Lake
Located in North Western Albania, Shkodra Lake is the largest lake in the entire Balkan Peninsula. It has an area of 368 hectares, of which 149 hectares and 57 km of shoreline fall within the territory

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