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Monday, October 22, 2012

Destinations Central Albania

Destinations Central Albania

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 Cultural Attractions
This is the name of the Illyrian town next to the village of Hekal in Mallakastër. Established in the third century B.C., Bylis flourished as a political, economic, and cultural center of the community.
Is located at the village of Klos in the district of Mallakastra, only 1 km far the other archaeological site of Bylis. The ancient city was mentioned as a fortified center in the V Century B.C.
It is about 18 km far away from the town of Lushnja towards the town of Fieri,westward of the motor – road in Kolonja village, at the top of cypress –wooded hill,that you come across with the Monastery of Ardenica
Natural Attractions
Mountainous Area of Pocem (Vjosë-Mallakastër)
A green and with forests of plane, lotus, and Mediterranean oak trees, Pocem lies by the Vjosa River and covers a surface area of 2.5 km2. It enjoys continuously flowing fresh water springs both in winter and summer.

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