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Monday, October 22, 2012

Discovery Southern Adriatic Coast

Discovery Southern Adriatic Coast

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Kanina Castle. It is situated 6 km far way from city of Vlora. This castled is mentioned since IV A.D century, even if there are discovered signs of Illyrian period. There
Apollonia represent one of the most important archaeological sites of Albania. It is mentioned as a “ Big town and imposing” by Ciceron. It is located 11 km in west of the city of Fier
VLORA is the second major port of the country after Durrës. The city is situated in the South-western part of the country, in a picturesque area along the sea coast. Opposite the town lie the Karaburun Peninsula and the Sazan Island. Vlora has regular maritime connections with the Italian
Natural Attractions
Sazan Island
A stay in Vlora would not be complete without the unique boat tour to the Sazan Island and the Karaburun Peninsula. This is a one-hour trip and the boats can leave from the Port of Vlora, or the smaller
Oricum is located on the Vlora-Saranda national road. The ancient town of Oricum was established in the 7th – 6th century B.C. by Hellenic settlers. Its geographical position was very suitable for military purposes. Oricum was used by the Romans
Cultural Attractions
Apollonia is an ancient town, one of the largest in the Adriatic basin. Built on a hill, (on two peaks) it had a position that dominates the whole area and had access to the Adriatic Sea via the Agos (Vjosa) river valley. In the 1st century A.D. the town kept close links with Corinth and Corcyra

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