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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Albania underwater

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Zgjidhni nje Relikt ne Harte

Vlora bay hides numerous relics Italian vessels with a special historical significance, which were sunk during the First and Second World War, their localization and identification takes scientific importance for both countries.
The discovery of these works is an underwater asset with great value, due to the city of Vlora.
Based on historical data, since that part of the island of Sazan and up near Vlora, near Zvernec was mined so that German forces not to enter the bay, the Italian army forces had left open only between the Strait Karaburun Peninsula and Sazan left to pass water means Italian ship Re Umberto, as a result of collision with a mine from a German ship at 10.00 in the morning of 4 December 1915 is divided into two parts, the position in which it is found and today.
According to the archaeological team to have killed about 60 people. After receiving the signal for the shipwreck, from Italy is another ship launched Warfare Intrepido, which met in the same minim and was killed around 17.00. According to archaeologists, this ship have killed 5 sailors who were on the ship.


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