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Saturday, October 27, 2012

VILLAGE ZHULAT GJIROKASTER - Albania, SOME VIEWS interesting for a guide in your traveling low-cost in Albania .....

Zhulat is a village in South Albania, in south east Europe, on the road Tepelenë - Gjirokastër. It is part of the municipality Cepo. It played a significant role in the creation of the Albanian Nation.

Papa Zhuli-law of Laberia, although originating from ancient folk tradition ascribes Canon Papa Julie by Zhulati, shek.XI, who was speaking as chief of Kurveleshit priest known by the Normans during the invasion of(1081). Figure Papa Julie belongs to the Byzantine time, which indicates that Canon Laberia tracks found since then and have operated in practice alongside Byzantine monokanonit. For this legend has also written Eqrem Vlore (Shejzat 1957), although there is still no written documentation found.
Petro Zhulati

1 Notable personalities
1.1 Petro Zhulati
1.1.1 Original version (Albanian)
1.1.2 English version
1.2 Rakip Gjoca I
1.3 Mersin Gjoca
2 External links
Notable personalities

Zhulati is a village in the south of the country in the western part of Gjirokastra axis-axis lies in width gejografike 40 ° 07'11 "north and longitude 19 ° 59'20" east. Adrimistativisht by Zhulati depend White Field-and Field-alder This village is remarkable for a prominent position patriotic.
Old chronicles slime village, once he mentioned the name Julius, somewhere Jules, somewhere different. Byzantine rulers and later Venetians, not so much for self Zhulatin, but more properties Zhulatit residents along the Ionian coast, valley areas Rrëzomës, all prosperous Delvinës Basin.
Turkish historian Evliya Çelebi, writes that Zhulati located in a remote mountainous area, has 200 houses located near a natural fortification defense too. Slopes of the mountains and surrounding hills were covered with vineyards. "Its residents deal with handicrafts products exchanges with other cities in and outside the province ... Zhulatit Castle has established the King of Spain, when these people were his allies. Later ploy netted Duke Venice and later / / / / / / / Bayezid holy century, invaded Qedik Ahmet Pasha ... It rises skyward in grand fashion ... Fortress of unparalleled beauty, which can përngjasë she Kordusit or she Benefshes Peloponesus "
So there were few Albanian Christians to abandon their faith and embrace Islam, in order to enable their involvement in various service of a military character. Albanian defenders case Zhulatit castle (village in the district of Gjirokastra), who changed their religion as the only way to remain in service above, is actually more significant for what was stated above.
Petro Zhulatin from the village singing, emphasizing that fought against the Byzantines while they were at the height of their power

Petro Zhulati
One of the most powerful landlord to have lived in Zhulat. It is believed to have lived in the eleventh century. He died in battle while fighting against the Byzantine empire.
Poem written for Petro Zhulati and believed to have been recited by his mother during his funeral.
[edit]Original version (Albanian)
Lum, o bir, Petro Zhulati
Kal i kuq sa gjysëm shpati
Me Bizant të zu inati
Ç’i bëre gjithë ata trima
Me kuaj si vetëtima
Jataganët vringëllimai?
[edit]English version
My son, Petro Zhulati
with your red mountain climbing horse
and your rage for Byzantine
how you managed all the braves
with lighting horses
and thundering swords?
Zhulat (Kosta Zhulati)
Ju malesoret e zhulatit
bindjuni sulltan muratit
U pikoje djami dashit
Shtati djemve si lis shpati
Trima si Koste Zhulati

Qani mallet e Zhulatit
Qani mallet e Zhulatit,
Qani qani o male,
Se koste Zhulati vajti,
Qani qani o male,
Vajti ne nje stan pas darke
Qani qani o male,
Me kobure me patllake,
Qani qani o male,
Kosta dhe trimat me palle,
Qani qani o male,
Ai stan ish stan laneti
Qani qani o male,
Atje na u be qameti,
Qani qani o male,
Asnje turk I gjalle smbeti,
Qani qani o male,
Edhe Koste trimeria,
Qani qani o male,
Gjalle I mbeti lavdia,
Qani qani o male…

[edit]Rakip Gjoca I
Land lord of Zhulat and leader of local militia that fought during the Balkan wars.
[edit]Mersin Gjoca
Land lord of Zhulat and leader of local militia. Son of Rakip Gjoca I
[edit]External links

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Coordinates: 40°07′11″N 19°59′20″E
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Zhulati (Shqipëria)
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