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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Albanian promo video Tourism

Promotion of tourism and cultural resources and values ​​of our country, has been and remains one of the basic priorities of the government program and in particular remains one of the primary objectives of policies that designs and implements the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports for the benefit of improving European Albania image, which conveys and universal identity contemporary international spaces.

In addition to this policy on April 7, 2008 will begin transmitting spot in prestigious television channel CNN. Its duration is expected to be three weeks, during the period April-May 2008. The spot will highlight our cultural and natural attractions, which differentiate us from neighboring countries. Albanian tourism spot in CNN follows a series of articles, chronicles in print media and television stations known western Albanian tourism development. Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and the National Office of Tourism, announced as one of the priorities of work, international media promotion tourism potential natural and cultural heritage of Albania.

Instead of a single spot, the campaign 'Albania - A new Mediterranean Love' / 'Albania - a new Mediterranean love' is presented to the public in three spots which will be broadcast in rotation. Images used are selected from movies almost nationwide.

All three spots together provide a full-Peis and harmonious what foreign tourists discover in Albania - a new Mediterranean destination incredibly rich cultural heritage and diverse nature and fascinating; making this so simple and natural, as it must be a true travel experience.

The pace of the images is alive and full of energy, being reinforced by the music and echo Mediterranean tones composed by renowned composer Gent Lako.
See under the Albanian promo video Tourism.
 40 Hanet e Shqiperise »
 CNN Video Familja » The first spot (family) of 20 seconds represents a family (father / mother / daughter) who travels mainly through cultural attractions and beaches of our country. Mother and little girl seen from the eyes of the father as they enjoy their holidays in Albania.
 CNN Video Cifti »The second spot (pair) of 30 seconds, shows a young couple in love. From the boy's point of view, we see a beautiful young girl, glamor and intrigohet of the beauties of Albania.
 CNN Video i Riu »Third spot (Jr.) of 30 seconds, sees Albania from the perspective of a young man who during his holidays, in addition to cultural attractions, enjoys outdoor sports activities such as parachute, kayaks, etc..

Shqipëria, Dashuri e re Mesdhetare, Falenderojme  Agjensin kombetare te turismit shqiptare

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