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Friday, September 14, 2012

Adventure Tour in the mountains of the Albanian Alps "Program 6 days and 5 nights" Old Donegal destinations, tables Sylbices, Cerem, Guci-Montenegro, Field likely Valbone. "Sondor Travel & Tours


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ItineraryTourist program "Adventure in the mountains of the Albanian Alps" Program 6 days and 5 nights.(This program is offered to tourists after the stride foot enthusiast and mountain climbing-treiking and hiking)Day One: Departure from Tirana toward Tropojes bus. Travel may be preferable in two variants: Koman Valley ferry line Koman - Fierze, or by tunnel and highway in the path of the Nation. Arrival in Tropoja Hero. Hotels in Donegal village lodge. Dinner and Sleep in Donegal.Day Two: Breakfast at Old Tropoja. Organized tourist groups to march, under the escort of local pilot and two horses leave for travel load during Tropoja River Gorge vacation stops. Recommended are holidays to Mill Gradit, to leave Bjeshktarve (source), we Shtrejtin Blessed, Roga Pojanes etc.. Tourist Group reaches we Sylbice, we tellen the "thrust Sylbices" accommodate we corralled breeders, (STAN of Halil Qerimi). Dinner and Sleep in Sylbice.Third Day: Breakfast at Tellen "thrust Sylbices". After several visits and panoramic tourist destinations beautiful mountains, tourist groups to the accompaniment of local pilot and two horses load, leaving to Cerem village. Recommended are vacation Doberdol neck, Aries Lake, woods Koshutices, Pyramid etc. 25. From this milestone through Montenegrin territory and cervical Vermica path down Cerem. We Cerem akomodohemi we bujtinen Robert Ismajlisufaj. Dinner and Sleep Cerem.Fourth Day: Breakfast at Cerem. Tourist Group, under the escort of local pilot departs on foot, with a few stops and vacation Ceremi Stan M. Mustafa, from mountains of Derzhanes achieve pyramid 19 Bor neck and through the neck of Bor, meadows Zaranices down in Vuthaj Montenegro. Vuthaj a local minibus transfer transceiver Guci where akomodohemi Bujtinen Hal Gjonbalaj springs or Gjonbalaj Uk hotel we Gusia. Dinner and Sleep in Gusia.Fifth Day: Breakfast at Guci-Montenegro. Under the escort of local pilot back from Gucia to Vuthaj Valbona destination but in another direction mountain. Make tourist visits in the wonders of nature we Vuthaj, cataract Ground (Gerl) and natural sources (Blue Eye). Then deviate the path in the direction of the old post Montenegrin border. Continuing climbing mountain trails pass by the path near the top of Rosie - 18 milestones Valbona neck and Lugu i Perzllopit down Kukaj. With the help of a local mini-transceiver way up the field of gesture where akomodohemi we bujtinen "Valbona sources" to Mirash Pellumbi. Dinner and Sleep in Valbone.Sixth Day: Breakfast in the Field of gesture - Valbone. Tourist groups after a relaxing stroll in Valbone make restitution for B.Curr with local minibus through Valbona valley. Advise a break for photos in Dragobi, Klysyre and Valbona Shtrejtin. In B. Curr take the bus line to Tirana, where we reach the evening, closed this fantastic adventure program in the Albanian mountains.


Offer price is 23 thousand new money or 165 euros per person when the group is over 10 people.
I. Tourism in this program are provided:
1. Accommodation for 5 nights in hostels corralled with half pension service (dinner, accommodation, breakfast)
2. Prepared lunches Lunch-pack
3. Companion throughout the scholastic career with local pilot for 4 days: on the second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day.
4. Association with horses load on the second day and third day.
5. Transport luggage from Ceremi to Valbone on the fifth day.
6. Transportation by minibus on the sixth day of Valbona we B.Curr

II. Not included in the tour package:
1. Public transport line Tirana - Donegal
2. Public line transport B.Curr - Tirane
3. Additional services Vuthaj (transport, entertainment, etc.)


Tropoje e vjeter, rrasa e Sylbices, Cerem, Guci- Mali i Zi, Fusha e Gjase Valbone.
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