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Monday, September 24, 2012

Initiate proceedings for the paving of road Dragobi Valbona

Nisin punimet për asfaltimin e segmentit rrugor Dragobi-ValbonëTIRANA 23 Shtator 2012 - 20:40-Road Dragobi-Valbona that leads to one of the destinations with the greatest potential of mountain tourism in Albania, as Valbona, has been asphalted throughout its length.

Last phase of the pavement of the road in its 23 kilometers from segment Margegaj-Dragobi with a length of 12.5 km and Dragobi Valbona 10.6 km length will affect the increasing number of tourists, especially foreigners who intend to walk alpine landscapes such as Valbona, one of the pearls of Albanian mountain tourism.

This road asphalting works inspected the Minister of Public Works and Transport Olldashi who spoke to the media said, "this is one of the most beautiful objects of the infrastructure built in the country today, because it leads to one of the areas most beautiful country with great potential mountain tourism, as Valbona ".

"Last season we started the way and made it possible for this season was all open road on his route, doing to contribute to the growth of tourism. Were 28 thousand tourists during the summer season only last visited Valbona and its beauty, with an increase of 13% compared to last year, "said Olldashi.

This will be a two-way street, with layers asflatuara with 6 m wide, with shoulders on one side and concrete ditches on the other hand, enabling thus a cozy trip to this wonderful destination Albanian mountain tourism.

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