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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Albania flora & fauna to now in your travel low-cost

flora-and-faunaAlbanian Flora and Fauna

Due to its diverse climate and pristine landscapes, Albania has a great variety of plants and is home to a number of rare birds and animals that have either disappeared or are disappearing in the region.
The great plane and oak forests are home to wolves and foxes while the higher pine forests house bears, wolves, wild cats and other animals. Deer, wild goats and wild boar can easily be found in a number of regions.
Albania has no less than 14 kinds of bats and 350 local birds, some of them migratory. Pine forests are host to rare wild cocks and woodpeckers. In other localities you can find eagles, hawks and falcons. Also, there are several kinds of owls including the bearded owl and the owl with horns. In Albania visitors can also find a number of different kinds of reptiles such as water snakes, house boas and others. There are 260 kinds of fish—of the Mediterranean type in salty waters and trout in mountain creeks. Lakes have carp, eel and other common types.
Albania also has a rich flora with over 3,221 types of plants.
Among them, 489 are specific to the Balkan Peninsula and 40 are located only in Albania. Oak forests are typical and comprise 20 percent of the forested area of the country. In other areas visitors can find Mediterranean shrubs up to 800m above sea level and eucalyptus, sea figs and laurels.

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