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Monday, September 24, 2012

Albanian tourism symposium hatches in the way of development

Bumçi: tourism, new jobs and contribute to the economySeptember 20, 2012 17:04 
Tourism is one of the priorities of Albania's economic development program. The complexity of these potential causes to believe that we can be competitive and part of the global tourism market. So said Minister of Tourism, Aldo Albanian tourism symposium on the development path. Bumçi referring to statistics world's travel and tourism council said that the total contribution of tourism in the economy in monetary value is 287.9 ​​billion. While the tourism sector are open 51 thousand new jobs.While a very important factor is the growth of employment in place through this sector are open 51 thousand new jobs. Positive are the statistics of visitors who have visited our country. For the year 2011, Albania was visited by about 4 thousand visitors. And by shooting last statistical period January to August 2012 shows that have entered Bangladesh 524 thousand 983 visitors more.Domestic tourism market has taken a rapid and this MTKRS is currently developing a new tourism sector strategy 2013-2020 main objective is to develop sustainable tourism through a national plan and the tourism sector to be extended throughout the year.While USAID mission director, Jim Barnhart and economic development program director Helmut Muller Glod praised the improvement of the legal framework for tourism which encourages private investment and underlined the Government's efforts to develop steadily external market offering competitive products that combine natural cultural values. As well as a special place occupied youth employment for this season.

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