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Friday, September 21, 2012

Progonati - Perla of Laberia,Albania Where nature and people, will make you turn your head back

Written by Flora Xhemani on Wednesday, 19 September 2012. Posted in DestinationsInvitation to this number for the section "No (w) more secrets" have got this destination residents themselves, who through extensive communication on the Internet, we have suggested to "discover" before your attention, this hidden gem really at the heart of mountains Laberia.We have word for Progonati, one of the most famous villages of Albanian history, which is also one of the largest villages in Albania, according to information from the intellectuals and researchers in this area. More than a description of the country, we will redirect you to this time very generous words for residents of the area who "punished" for reasons of migration and immigration, human suffering lack, which is really hard for a once large village, considered the leader of all this province Laberia.

Progonati is a village with magical name perceived trimërimshëm in every Albanian memory of past impressions and goodwill of the people of this province.  

Progonati traditional wear 
Progonati Tepelena city, it Labërie surroundings filled with tradition and culture, is a capital thought, courage, generosity and renowned intellectuals, which are now distributed in the entire country, and luggage proudly conquered native tradition world.But despite the departure of young people toward the hope of a different life once remote, there are still young continue stay Progonat, and one of them is Hila slope, the author of the invitation for our column, which insists Progonati is a worth to visit for many reasons, started by the hospitality features rare, to the wonderful nature, almost completely uncovered to the eye of many, that in mind in the ears may have already known natural point Albania but not Progonati.
If progonatasit are distributed around the world and some of them returned to bring their experiences place, you should go at least once in this beautiful karahinë Albania, where the canyons and waterfalls, look like fairy haven with streams of water that fall from sky, green hidden in the rocks, craggy peaks and deep ponds, waterfalls that fall on each other like tiles river segments set up ustallarë-master ...You'll definitely try the taste of unforgettable hospitality of these people will get away pieces of history, which in fact already become legend, as it Bilbilenjve, "Vane rope itself", to escape from punishment the enemy, innocent people. Bilbilenjtë, who was hanged on the plane of Ioannina, were from Progonati. Main source of pride of these people, it's the brave men who received death laughing curly cigarette.Isone labe can enjoy immensely here in Progonat, coupled with definitely powerful voices of men, though not with the smell of roasted meat best brandy made own vineyards Progonat.
Slope is a guy passionate about photography. So many pictures has fired for his country, it sends the email to the Internet, posting entire albums. "I want to show them home," says, not to forget, though living apart. We have a beautiful home. Only waterfall to go, remain speechless. Pale to stroll throughout the area, to make a long tour through the canyons that have no end. All those who lived here, have grown with water from the river Fountainhead, all their childhood, has gone through the hidden recesses of this waterfall, these crystal water basins ...Truly stunning waterfalls ...The water falling from above, hindered a few tens of meters below, resulted in a fall pond again, forming another waterfall. A cataract in the series ...Progonati makes every year a festival, called "Meeting of Generations". Old middle-aged staff come there to see nephews and grandchildren, who live there, children who come to meet their fathers, those that are left, young children born around the world come to know her parents' native roots roots them. It's nice this holiday, where everyone wants to feed little bit of love, the history of his country, not disappearing into nothing, most recently no less glorious history of this area of ​​Albania. The meet this holiday in the middle of the square to Rrapi Progonat, below echo labe song, the sound of music sound beautiful, not fade or the color of black widows or old man from the past who have followed before their very dear people, however, continue to live in this world, to enjoy the joy of others.Progonati, is a country located somewhere in southwest Tepelena (Albania), lying on a plateau 900 meters above sea level. Is surrounded by a crown of mountains as dancers at a wedding and constantly whipped by the winds of the west. Characteristic unlike many villages Laberia, is that houses are next to each other surrounded by fruit trees, chestnuts nuts, especially cherry. In winter snow falls that hang wreaths of mountains like fez, while summer comes fresh. Climate and cold water have been and remain both fixed assets and pazvëndësueshme for locals. According to many historians Progonati is too early settlement with interesting toponyms before Christian early Christian. The village is home increased to 350-400, and then surprisingly, due to migration and emigration sfumohet in 70-199 home. Mass migrations immemorial have been in Himara, Progr-Korçë, Lazarat, Mallakastër, etc.. There are some historical places mentioned where men gather province Laberia the assemblies as Lisa Kadhe, Përralli Buxe Rrapi Progonat etc..

Who has known closely a progonatas, has become a friend to the head, which never abandons even in the most difficult moments. So say progonatasit, so they say they have known progonatasit. So it can tell you after you return from the trip, as you enjoy the incredible nature of this area, especially after you've tried the hospitality of these wonderful people, that will remain long in the memory ...


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