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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tirana, opened today Agribusiness and Tourism 2012

As never before, we are sharing the traditions, regions, producers, food and the best wines of Albania in one place. In this exhibition, coming in 100th year of Independence you as visitors will have the opportunity to touch and taste the best of our regions best agricultural and livestock farms, our best producers of agri- processing.Come to the fair, Albanian farm products and livestock farming, products year after year are successfully introduced and delight in international markets, thanks to the excellent quality.[Click to close image, click and drag to move. Use arrow keys for next and previous.] Booths and pavilions of the Fair "Agribusiness OF TOURISM 2012", in addition to products "Made in Albania" you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with tourist destinations all regions, with the most beautiful Albanian nature and the ways `t get them.Congress Palace Square "Mother Teresa", 20-23 September. You are welcome! 
TIRANA of the Palace of Congresses is opened today Agribusiness and Tourism 2012. Agriculture Minister Genc Ruli called this ekpoze, dignified, for agriculture and tourism, While Bumci said that today is presented in this exhibition, tourism Albania.
Ruli: The future of agriculture aroundIn his speech, the Minister of Agriculture Genc Ruli called this ekpoze, dignified, for agriculture and tourism."This ii fair to enormous size. Today you can enjoy the best products in the country. Our farmers' products make us proud of them, "said Ruli
He added in his speech that the future of agriculture will be even more auspicious."The future of the agricultural sector will be even more wide, even manufacturers have managed to cope with the recent crisis, it is accompanied by the support that our system provides farm and farmers, but also to improve the infrastructure," said Ruli more further.
The minister added that "yet untapped economic potentials are great"
Bumci: Today we present tourist AlbaniaWhile the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Aldo expressed satisfaction at the fair today introduced tourist Albania.
"Today, presented as part of this tourism fair Albania. This is a radical transformation thanks to government investment. Albania tourism, denying that today's name represents the country. Let's turn the fair into a tradition, "he added.

National Tourism Fair and Agribusiness in Tirana opened on 20 September, in the premises of the Palace of Congresses and closes on September 24. This is the first time organized a joint exhibition agribusiness and tourism in Albania, which has as main objective the presentation of tourist offer and increase the competitiveness of Albanian food market. During this fair, the internal and external environments of the Palace of Congresses, will present tourism products, food products, agricultural. The fair is organized on the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection in cooperation with the Albanian Agribusiness Council, Albanian Tourism Association and the Union of Tourist Operators. Also supported by GIZ, USAID and UNDP in Albania.

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