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Friday, September 21, 2012

'Ecovolis' activities in Tirana, 21-23 September: Protect the environment by using bicycles

Tirana - In the framework of the European Mobility Week, Ecovolis, will organize a series of activities to raise awareness in the country. Ecovolis, an initiative, which is a year and a half has returned the bike to use the citizens of Tirana, Albania will promote alternative movement in a way to understand that I can go without a car.
Over the weekend that includes the days from 21 to 23 September, activists Ecovolis will suprizojnë residents of the capital. "The message we want to convey is that now the car should be used only when other means of transportation can not come to us to help. Its cost is very high both the environment and our pocket, so it seems absurd to see so many cars in a small city flat as Tirana "says Eneda Mato, head of Ecovolis initiative, which believes that This year in addition to European java message of movement (Europan Mobility Week) should also provide concrete opportunities for citizens to understand that environmental protection is an issue that belongs to all of us.
For all the people that that weekend would submit concrete symbolic but their car keys at stations Ecovolis, they will have a free annual subscription to use bicycle Ecovolis in town. Organisers explain that, although seemingly absurd, this request was made citizens in order to restore them the time, freedom and fun, they have lost through respiratory traffic of Tirana, which, when penetrated by bike, not look and so suffocating, quite the contrary.
Ecovolis station near Park "Youth" and Elbasan Road station, pedaluesit can dye color phosphor bicycle tires in such a way to leave their mark shining through the streets of the city, an artistic form and wise this to remind us of the beauty but also health benefits to forgive cycling. This is a symbolic way to show that bicycles must have its undeniable place in qyetit ways, not only as a means of ecological or recreational, but most of these things, in these difficult times, such as a savings vehicle at all indifferent.
"In our view, the use of public transport vehicles should not be seen only as a way to reduce the environmental pollution in the city, but should begin to conceive as a method to save time, energy, stress and money. Bicycles should not be the means of the poor. It is the means of intelligent and cultured cities, "says Ela Husayn, activists Ecovolis. Tirana pollution is an undeniable reality, but the trace of the car through the city affects substantial levels in the city's finances and to each of us. Not just for fuel or services affecting vehicles unaffordable figures often, but also for health costs.

From a European level survey shows that users dyrrotakut risk 40% less to suffer from cardiovascular disease or from obesity and 40% less to spend significant sums for their treatment. Surprises, especially for night life frekuentuesit will culminate in "A Bicycle for Beer". In collaboration with three well-known local capital: "How n'shpi", "Radio", "Stella Beer" Ecovolis will enable first drink free all those who will attend these local bike. So all those who in these premises will go not with their cars, but bicycles, then you will be able to consume the first beer for free, in the hope that it will raise a toast to a beautiful Tirana, safe and healthy.
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