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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sotira Waterfalls A Pearl Of Albanian Nature don't missing in your travel

The town of Gramshi, hides a natural beauty, the Sotira Waterfalls, which are rare in their kind and are turning the place into a tourist site, especially for those who love hiking in the nature.
Different associations that encourage mountainous tourism and sports have gathered more than 150 people to hike in this rigid mountainous terrain.
The Sotire Waterfall is a natural monument that needs to be promoted as a rare natural beauty that it is.
The waterfall is situated at the foot of the Tomorri mountain, 60 kilometers from the town of Gramsh. The waterfall doesn’t exist in any tourist map.
Young hikers from Tirana and Elbasan undertook the mission to place this waterfall in the tourist destination list.

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