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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vlora Albania, Sun, Sea, Mountain, Love and beautiful holiday

Vlora (Valona called in Italy) is the most Italian city Albanian since all speak Italian, we eat and in the South of Italy, 300 days of sunshine, the sea is off limits, extraordinary stuff for every 5 Blue Flag beach in the South Vlora, have a good wine, hotel services are great, beautiful scenery, friendly people, all speaking different languages: Italian (almost 100%) English, Spanish, Greek, German, ... Then the girls are very beautiful and there are a lot of hard, pubs and so many good things about the sea and the mountains, especially I liked how Dhermi sea and mountain as the National Park Llogora Llogora with the resort that has it all ... ahhhh the distance from Llogora Dhermi is only 20 minutes by car ... cristal Ionian sea to the mountains (over 1000 masl) in just a few minutes ... too good .... ueyyyyyyy forgot everything costs half of Italy, even less. For info visit Vlora (Valona in Albania) http://www.newbusinessrelocation.com/

VLORA - VALONA the Strait of Otranto Italy
Vlora (Albanian Vlorë or Vlora, greek Αυλώνας, Aulónas) is a city of 124,000 people in Albania, the country's second largest port after Durres. It is located in the southwestern part of the state, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in the district of the same name.
The harbor, overlooking the Strait of Otranto, is the most efficient of the Albanian coast and close to Italy: is just over 70 nautical miles from Punta Palascìa on the coast of Salento. It is protected by the island of Saseno (Sazan) and Head Cam (Kepi the Gjuhezes), the northernmost point of the Mountains Acroceraunians (Karaburun).

Vlora (Valona) is a city that enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It is one of the cities with the most sunny days in Europe. In fact, the clear day with the sun against those rainy and cloudy, about 300 out of 365. The climate is characterized by a very hot summer and a warm winter and wet. The sea offers all kinds of beaches, the typical sandy beach of the Adriatic rocky beaches typical of the Ionian Sea.

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