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Friday, September 21, 2012

"Albania old" in Brussels are exposed for 4 days - 50 maps - 50 books on Albania

"Albania old" in Brussels
20/09/2012 19:55

Around four days, in the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels were exposed 50 maps and 50 books on Albania. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, the exhibition "Euro-Albanian Contacts" aimed at raising awareness, in the heart of Europe, not only for location but also for the country's antiquity.

From Brussels correspondent of the "Top Channel", Arta Tozaj, managed to gather the best estimates of visitors and organizers experience during this "highly successful exhibition," according to them.

Artan Shkreli bashkënismëtar exhibition
"These are the maps of Ptolemy, the second century of our era, where the bulk of Albania extends from southern Dalmatia and occupies the whole western part of Macedonia and Epirus North and South. Here for the first time appears the name of the Illyrian tribe Albani and Albanopolis as the capital of the tribe. Name that later spread until time is called Albania. Also we have a 18th century map. was made by Lapin, a French cartography, map of 1843, where so evident del Cham as a province very clearly written and accurate spelling time. geographers have identified Cham province in Albania, an area which sometimes exceeds the Gulf of Arta, that does not end in Preveza but sometimes goes away Preveza ".

Artan Lame bashkënismëtar exhibition
"The concept for the selection of books was to find that what they said foreigners, Europeans Albania: memoirs, travel guides, passenger records, memory or historical studies for Albania. Suffice it to recall, for example," Guide d'Albanie " is the first tourist guide of Albania, 1930. leitmotif of the exhibition: European contacts with Albania and our knocking on the doors of Europe already ongoing in these 2000 years and is completing, say, in years or in that era we live. "

Libor Roucek, vice president of the Social Democrats in the European Parliament
"What is interesting and important to see is that Albania is on the map of Europe since 2000 years. There is a new country or a nation, it is an ancient nation, a part of Europe and our memory, from books and old maps. "

Organized by the Albanian Socialist Party and its European sister, the exhibition brought the inauguration of its MEPs, representatives of the Commission, the Council of the EU, diplomats and Albanians who live and work in Brussels.

Edi Rama, the Chairman of the Albanian Socialis.
"I want you here to give a clear message: the current power can not deserving candidate status, but it deserves the Albanian people. So here you ask and wish all of you to support the Albanian people. But at the same time, you seek to be vigilant. I know from bitter experience, that the elections in Albania can be won and lost, not by vote, but with fraud and theft. Can not and must not allow that to happen again. I ask you to be vigilant and understand the risks, and ask you to clarify beforehand serious consequences for Albania's European ambition, if past practices are not covered by the dust of history, where they and the country. "

Zita Gurmai, President of Women in PSE
"The 100 anniversary of Albania's independence is a good opportunity to reflect on the past as well as what future we want for future generations. When I see these old maps that hang from the walls of the European Parliament, reminded of what you are trying to achieve through the project of European construction ".

Angel Martines, vice / president of the European Parliament
"Above all, this exhibition proves beyond every doubt that Albania is part of Europe. It is part of European geography, is a part of European history, is part of European culture, but Albania shares with us not only the geography, history and culture, but also the problems that we all share. Albania has lacked the fate not only during the terrible dictatorship, as previously Albania has been a land invasions, massacres of all shapes and a country that has not had a lot of thanks to give you many Europeans, including European Democrats " .

Eduard Kukan, the head of the delegation to the Balkans in PE, PPE
"It's very good that this exhibition was organized because many people in Europe or in the European Parliament itself did not have any idea how ancient, civilized and historical Albania. This helps your country and is an important message. And in this sense, it is a good initiative of the Socialist Party, together with the Socialists and Democrats group in the European Parliament and the result is a very good and noble event for Albania ".

Vasiliss Maragos, Head of Unit for Albania in EC Enlargement Directorate
"It's very interesting and very important. This shows the culture that unites us all in Europe, and as noted by all those speeches, it is very important to us look at the common roots to prepare together the future in Europe. I think this exhibition shows that the future of Albania is in Europe, as it has been in the past, but let me tell you, as is the present. "

Knut Fleckenstein, eurodeputet German social democrat
"I can see how, despite the change of borders over the centuries, one thing has remained more common: it is part of the European continent, and it is to be in this Parliament, and will have a day."

Mimoza Halimi, Ambassador of Albania to the EU
"A very good moment to show the values ​​of Albania, what we have been, where we are, and where you pretend to go."

Pierre Mirel, Director for Western Balkans at the European Commission
"This is an excellent exhibition, it is very good that people learn more about the history, which is closely related to the identity and the feelings. And if you do not know the past, as you can see the future. But since it is an exhibition that celebrates the anniversary of the independence of Albania, I would have preferred that both major political parties, say the entire political spectrum of Albania were here together tell us: here's what we have gone through centuries, are happy to share these maps with you and our future is in this building, in the European Union ".

Safet Kryemadhi, cabinet director in the municipality of Brussels
"The exhibition shows the country's central Albania because Albania historical events is at the heart of the Mediterranean, in the heart of the Balkans and at the intersection of conquest."

Artan Seferi, painter
"We need to remember that many Europeans do not know from falling Albania. Maps show it."

Lendita Haxhitasimi, Kosovo diplomat in Belgium
"How was Albania, to tell everyone that we were even then, from the II century to the 19th century as shown in the map."

Tania Fajon, Slovenian Social Democratic MEP
"I am very happy to see today many Albanians proud and agrees with what you Edi Rama said today that the Albanians have no need for a European future, but for now Europe. Albania has always been part of Europe, you are in heart of Europe, and I think the time has come and Albanians deserve a better future. "

Prepared: Arta Tozaj, Brussels

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