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Monday, September 17, 2012

Kruja - Queen of Albanian history

Albanian Travel Magazine - We Make You Dream HolidaysIt's surprising how much time you plan to depart for Kruja (our friends have tourist businesses constantly need products, due to the large influx of tourists), always makes fun time. Perhaps because the very nature God has wanted to fully enjoy either collected Kruja appearance shy Skanderbeg Mountain bay, down the highway, until we arrive at Fushe Kruje, whether it wonderful way to wander pine along the mountain, while entering the gates of Kruja. Just think, no more illusions about the miracles already qyshkurse car tires black to extinguish fires burn white lime, cement factories qyshkurse chain, pluhurosin Kruja streets, excellent polished yards and sidewalks world metropolises. It is a great sin in fact, total massacre of striking landscape, which used to rise up, even further away, while the cars pass over the bridge Tapizës, continue along the path of nickel - now planted with furniture stores - until exceed Fushëkrujën enter the area Mamurras.
Kruja – mbretëresha e historisë shqiptare

However Kruja torn postcards, they did not have much effect on the "expulsion" of tourists, they continue to rush into the city with as much interest as before the massacre, apparently in awe of the fact that there lived Skanderbeg - the only Albanian man world recognizes the athlete of Christ. Kruja is fascinating for us, that we have not not love for two reasons; because she is the queen of Albanian history, because the tribes that lived in it, gave us the name that we hold in the world today. Kruja legs lived Albania, the name which he inherited from distant centuries which calls us all over the world today. Albanopolisi today is a pile of rubble with large stones metroshë dymetroshë, some surrounding walls to climb the hill in stages, to an occasional pat on the lot, as the majority of archaeological parks in Albania, while maintaining little or no of the glory and splendor of yore. But existing footprint and stubborn, is there to tell us that Albanians (or whether india, Pleuratët, Enkeljetë, Adriana, Labeats Know later), paskëshin much too early civilization known, as well as I do not know maybe many of today's Albanians.However, today we are in Krujë attract us more cobblestoned medieval castle towers, characteristic houses within the castle district and everything else that keeps wind history and tradition.


Kruja – mbretëresha e historisë shqiptare
Kruja gatesCars necessarily have to stay down, however we try to approach the range of the fortress on wheels, can not go farther than the parking fee to a small square filled with local flowers runner. Beautiful paving will crawl, walk, feed your eyes in numerous stalls along both sides of the road, which continue through the tunnel and out into the outer court, or better say in the square filled dingas with people, stands , souvenirs, restaurants, firing devices, visitors pose endless front facade of the Museum of History, and everything else that makes up the life required of a tourist center. Numerous restaurants have filled the square around and within the premises of the castle, it is a sad thing to think that most people may have been brought here Luli wonderful cuisine in its restaurant Alba, or cooking with Bardh restaurant fame, and so on. But the best part of this phenomenon that usually is spread Albanian cultural sites is that these restaurants and hotels, try not to destroy the landscape or architectural appearance, while maintaining many of the existing buildings, pottery, stone, wood, iron beating etc.. Albes yard where we enter we drink a coffee while waiting for us with open arms the master of the house, there is no difference from the pavement of the external cladding also square with brick walls, tables decorated with handmade covers by artisans Kruja, keep the best Albanian appearance. The range of tastes in the kitchen of the restaurant strange divided between Albanians preferences for the desire of foreigners in Republic Of Albania pizza casserole earth, kabuni, or baked meat on a spit. This is one thing that always happens, says Luli. Foreigners require Albanian cuisine and constantly ask me to places where you want to go see something. After them came. If you are not part of a group, want to bring in Sarisalltik, sometimes even up to Qafshtamë, or seeking information about the Ethnographic Museum, want to know what you can buy down to the bazaar to be worth.
A walk in the Old BazaarIn fact, to see both sides of the Old Bazaar packed full of items pluhurta, half, a coffeepot, coffee mills, baby cradle, copper tray, not to mention many bizhutë coins of copper and silver, the eye we went to women in stores that weave handloom carpets, bags of small carpets of wool and wonderful outfits popular with countless motifs decorated with gold and silver. It's sad to think that many kinezëritë that fill today souvenir shops in tourist towns or even in the capital, you can kill one day Kruja and hard work of these women draw everything from hands that will inevitably cost much more than with eagle emblems or souvenirs from pleksiglasi arising in the series of Turkish or Albanian symbols Chinese factories over.But walk along the Bazaar, calms us right now, as we see that even when products are new and do not come from the centuries, still produced in the service areas of these stores the century that changed only artisans, people sitting on their work, producing fez, filigree, carved wood or knitted socks.
And Skanderbeg MuseumKruja Museum is constantly full, not only tourists but also groups of individuals, sometimes with schoolchildren. This city, which despite environmental suffering, continues to draw attention on himself, may be one of the most visited tourist cities in Albania, not only because it is located near the capital (only 37 km away), but also because it has the ability to shift in time, it feels a resident of a different era.Having lived in the middle of the metropolis or anywhere, can not leave without visiting a city, which is within a radius of a few kilometers, it brings to life two different time periods, early Antiquity speaks through large rocks of Albanopolisit and Middle Ages, which the Albanians has given no little glory and history, especially in the golden years when he lived Scanderbeg Scanderbeg.
We came back to Luli and command lamb roasted on a spit, vegetables barbecue, open wine country finally Kabuni Kruje, saying humorously that not all Albanians come to Alba for a wood oven pizza, although not no harm to come to this. Krujë can also come to enjoy the impressive panorama enjoyed from the porch of Albes, which runs up and down the Adriatic, with a clear time of binoculars in hand, one can also discern the line of the horizon, or the sun tired that dives into the sea to be updated to make night sleep.
Krujë, March 2012
InfoTirana Kruja distance is 37 kmIf you travel by public vehicles, vans for Kruja leave at the end of Route Mine Peza. Road to Krujë passes from the junction of Kamza, Bridge Tapizës takes right to Fushe Kruje after you leave the highway Tirana-Lezhë and after you entered the area Fushe Kruje, continue eastward exit. Shortly before you go up the mountain, to the right is the Illyrian city of Albanopolisit

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