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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For an alternate weekends from ordinary activities Albania offers and sport "Bushcraft" sport that merges with nature

Bushcrafti is where the soul can find a way to lose balance with nature. Because lifestyle is going to secede man more and more from nature.

Is to look around us will always encounter similar life situations, to travel through its beautiful tourist places but all are trying to provide services as comfortable and relaxing for holidaymakers. Does this situation leads to lazy, waiting for someone to do for you?.

Once play with games created by myself where and to recreate was part of this game, the new century children today do not know nothing but destroy them as soon as newly purchased games. Bushcraft Sport is a new form of tourism that is seeing a higher interest of the people of the city, where after a tedious week of chaos do not want anything else for me to relax and taste beautifull nature, risks and adrenalinen it offers. Recently, Albania is determined by the highest number of tourists who visit for simplicity and ferocity has time left on it, where mankind has not yet reached ve negative so broken wrist or use it for economic reasons. Not working or trackless Nigeria has its beauty, leads to ekspolorosh and to live it step by step, not knowing what you will find behind those trees, hills or mountains. Dine alone or
word of mouth stories that lie as a canvas on these sites .....

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