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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gjirokastër, a growing number of tourists this season with 15%

Gjirokastër, rritet numri i vizitorëveGjirokastra, one of the most important tourism destinations and cultural history, is visited by official sources, at least 15% more than last year, which means about 25 thousand visitors.
The data refer to the Tourist Information office of the municipality and does not represent the real number of visits because according reposnsible of this office Magdalena Margariti the only way to evaluate the visits remain tickets sold at the museum. This year, tourists have prolonged residence time in Gjirokastra, which means revenue for the city, but according Margariti services have been limited to the tourist accommodation and food while private entities do not provide any entertainment.
And the office that collects tourists' complaints and monitors standards of service to them suggests that complaints are very similar to those that were addressed last year, which means that there has been little effort to improve. The only sector that has seen a kind of improved road infrastructure tourists claim that appears improved, yet they complain about delays and stops shepshta public transport means what takes their travel time.
On the other hand this summer has been a lack of human capacity that provided services to tourists in hotels and bars and restaurants. At the same time there is a disproportionate allocation of services between the old and new part of the city in favor of the latter what does not seem logical to tourists.
Gjirokastër although tourism is claimed perennial noted that tourism is seasonal completely. During the summer the city fails to meet the accommodation needs of the tourist influx and in all other seasons about 15 such hotels and restaurants in the historic area can hardly justify spending and taxes.
This summer Gjirokastra is visited by a large number of daily tourists who visit their itinerary journey Corfu-Saranda-Butrint - South and return in the evening but the figure is never clear as in any border point not collected data on destinations to be visited by tourists.

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