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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How To Get To Albania? Low-Cost travel...

From Greece:
- Through Kakavija, the southern border with Greece, you may enter in Gjirokaster;
- Through Kapshtica, the south-eastern border with Greece, you may enter later in Korca;
- Through Qafe Boti – Konispol relating to Fila;
- Through Three Bridges relating Përmeti with Konica.
From Montenegro:
- Through the Hani Hotit and Murriqan-Sukobina you may enter in the town of Shkoder and Shkodra Lake;
- Through Ulqini in the southern border with Montenegro you may enter the town of Shkoder;
- You can now enter from Vermosh, from where you may be linked to the region of Kelmendi in Albania and Plava Gucia – Montenegro.
From Macedonia:
- Through Qafe Thana we relate to Pogradec, Elbasan and Librazhd;
- From Tushemisht, to southeast of Ohrid Lake, in direction of Pogradec;
- From Blladë, in the direction of Peshkopia or Bulqiza and Burreli; 
- From Gorica the road heads north of Prespa Lake.
From Kosovo: 
- Vërmica,
- Qafa e Prushit
- Qafe e Morinës.
Through bus service you can also move through cities: 
Tirana – Tetovo, Macedonia through Qafe Thana.
Tirana – Prishtina and other towns in Kosovo through Morina.
Korce – Thessaloniki, Greece, through Kapshtica.
Tirana – Athens, through Kakavija.
Tirana – Sofia – Bulgaria, and Istanbul from Qafe Thana.
Sea Borders
The port of Durres relates to the Italian ports of Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Trieste and Koperin in Slovenia.
Port of Saranda. Daily movements performed with the island of Corfu.
Port of Vlora. Relates to Brindisi and Otranto.
International Airport “Mother Teresa” (also known as Rinas) is approximately 25 kilometres from Tirana and has many direct flights from Europe. Main city connections include London, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Athens, Bologna, Budapest, Istanbul etc.
The city of Tirana is linked with the airport by bus service. Departure for the airport is made from Skanderbeg Square every hour to the airport.

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